Briggs And Stratton 1700 Psi Pressure Washer Review (2023)

briggs and stratton 1700 psi electric pressure washer reviewsLooking for the best pressure washer? If it’s yes then it’s a huge responsibility as finding a new one is not an easy task in fact it’s not an easy job to get your hands on the most suitable pressure washer especially if you are looking for a general purpose pressure for light cleaning.

Well, If you are choosing for the first time then it is recommended to go for the electric pressure washer that is much safer and easier to use.

Briggs and Stratton 1700 psi electric pressure washer is a notable choice if you are just looking for occasional cleaning.

It is a good pressure washer with decent specification that can do just fine for many cleaning jobs. This article will provide you complete details about this pressure washer so that you will know its application, purpose and suitable environment. So let’s begin.


What Makes Briggs and stratton 1700 psi electric pressure washer Outstand Others?

At first, you will find this pressure washer underperforming as compared to competitors but it has many features to prove its worth. The best thing that I found and personally feel that stands it out from the crowd is its easy usage.

You can just start and stop it with the on/off switch and it does not require any expertise to do so. The system only runs when you pull the trigger and all the working is very efficient and quiet.

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Briggs and stratton 1700 psi electric pressure washer Review

Briggs and stratton 1700 psi electric pressure washer Briggs and Stratton have been producing quality pressure washers for a long time and have all kinds of pressure washers in their inventory. This pressure washer is a new addition to their vast inventory that focuses on general cleaning with great efficiency.

We can use this pressure washer for multiple surfaces and the results were astonishing. The best thing is that unlike most of the brands, the pressure washer produces the pressure that they claim and there is no exaggeration in their advertisement.

This increases the brand reliability and reputation as well. It can be use on the normal patios, vinyl sidings, cars and on other areas where it proved its worth.

It worked well on these surfaces but it was too slow against the heavy stains. The pressure washer accessories support is enough but it is still less than what other brands offer and the customer does not like it. It just provides 3 nozzles where other pressure washers have 4 to 5 nozzles commonly.

In terms of portability, very few things can match this pressure washer. Well, I would give it five stars for portability. There is no need for a bulky space to store it and it can be stored anywhere.

You can also clean anywhere with it thanks to the long cord and hose. This pressure washer is very cost effective and despite that, it can work well in most situations.

Moreover, I have gone through a deep research and found that this pressure washer has many safety features such as the hose and the design are tested and certified for high pressure use. The cord is very special to prevent any electrical hazard or short circuit and it is GFCI protected.


More than that, smart motors only start working when the pressure trigger is squeezed to save energy and to reduce the burden on the pump.

It has prolonged life and the design is also attractive. It is available in Red, gray and titanium color scheme with separate holders for spray wand, soap tank and nozzle.


However, you only get the 1 year warranty and that is only on the limited components of the pressure washer and some of the customers do not like that because it is less than half of what others offer.


Efficient And Safe System

The best thing that I feel about this machine is that it is very safe to use. It has an automatic sensor system that starts the motor only when the trigger is squeezed. This increases the efficiency of the pressure washer as it does not use too much energy and only works when necessary.

It is one of the safest pressure washers that you can get for yourself and is certified by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association (PWMA) and other independent labs.


Easy Portability

This pressure washer has the weight of just 25 pounds and has the mounted wheels and handle so that you can move it easily anywhere you want. It has 25 feet of high pressure hose attached so that you can clean anywhere with it without worrying about the hose.


Faster Cleaning

It provides the feature of multiple nozzles and with that you can easily clean anything. The high pressure nozzle provides much faster cleaning as compared to regular nozzles and you can use it for the tough grime to clean them much better. More than that, you can also use the soap for faster and more efficient cleaning with its built in soap tank and soap nozzle.



  • Compact and highly portable
  • High power motor
  • Safe design and reliable working
  • Fast cleaning
  • Cost effective and easy to use.
  • Long range of application


  • Less warranty than competitors
  • Accessories are also less than competitors


Why Should You Buy Briggs and stratton 1700 psi electric pressure washer?

Are you a first time buyer or are you looking for a light pressure washer that definitely meets your requirements. Well, Briggs and Stratton 1700 psi washer is very easy to use, efficient, effective and safe.

All of these features make it a perfect candidate for the first time buyers. It provides the best pressure washing experience in the minimum price range.



This pressure washer is designed for a light cleaning job and is very effective against the regular dirt and grime. You can use it to clean your car, deck, house and patio. There are many features that this pressure washer offers. First of all, it is very affordable as compared to competitors and has a lot of safety features.

The pressure washer is very efficient and has low power and water consumption. You can use it to clean the whole house without worrying about the water usage. It has various attachments so that you can use it easily without much effort for any kind of job. The best part is that you can use it without any effort and can take it anywhere you want.

Jose Kelly