Briggs And Stratton 2800 Psi Pressure Washer Review [2023]

briggs and stratton 2800 psi pressure washer reviewsWhat type of pressure washer is best and good for all the cleaning requirements is a basic question most people want to know about.

Well, this is a wide range question and is difficult to answer as there is an array of pressure washers, and each one is suited for different cleaning jobs.

However, I know that advice plays a great role. Hence, I am here with a product that I feel is best for cleaning jobs.

It’s crystal clear that the pressure washer is the one that requires the proper consideration of power, reliability, and price. Thus, I believe the best pressure washer with an all-purpose design is Briggs and Stratton 2800 psi pressure washer.

It is the perfect combination and is the top-rated choice in intermediate gas-powered pressure washers. Moreover, it is designed to opt for all sorts of environments and can work in them easily. Doesn’t it sound good?

This article shall provide you with all this product’s minor to important checkpoints. Moreover, I will discuss all the features of the products with their edge and limitations so that you can make a choice more easily. So, without any delay, Let’s explore!


What Makes Briggs And Stratton 2800 Psi Pressure Washer Stand Out From Others?

It is something that catches the attraction, So, to give you all the best results. I have done in depth research on this product and came to the point that this pressure washer is designed like a gas-powered washer, but despite this, it has a great plus point, that is, it has very low maintenance and is easy to operate.

It is the best one for those who are shifting themselves from electric pressure washers to gas ones but don’t want the equipment to be very complex to operate.

Moreover, this Briggs and Stratton 2800 psi pressure washer is easy to control and has a very simple mounting procedure. With this pressure washer, you can prepare for washing within 5 minutes or less. Thus, I may deduce that it is also very time-saving.

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Briggs And Stratton 2800 Psi Pressure Washer Review

briggs and stratton 2800 psi pressure washer Briggs and Stratton is an American-based company for its quality equipment and components. Well, one of the exciting products of this company is Briggs and Stratton 2800 psi pressure washer.

This pressure washer is designed for the common requirements and is suited for all kinds of jobs. The best thing I’ve found exciting is that it is very easy to maintain.

To deduce its efficiency, I have performed different kinds of cleaning with this pressure washer and found promising results.

Moreover, the best thing I heard from my friend is that, unlike other brands and manufacturers, it provides the advertised pressure and flow rate.

All the pressure and GPM are certified and authentic, so you know you are purchasing what is advertised. Furthermore, this pressure washer can cleans the sidewalks, car decks, etc., and it proves to be a good option in all situations.

The pressure washer is very easy to maintain and use compared to gas-powered pressure washers. Hence, you do not require to change the oil from time to time.

All you need to do is to add the oil before usage. The fuel tank of this pressure washer is also considerably large, and the greatest aspect is that it can run for around 45 minutes to 1 hour without refueling.

However, I found some things that could be improved with this pressure washer. The first thing users complain about is the length of the pipe which is considerably less than the range of the length the competitors offer.

Also, the safety parameters are not according to the requirements of the 2800 PSI pressure washer, and it should be used with maximum caution and care.

Nonetheless, finding a pressure washer capable of all this isn’t easy. One of the main things that are missing is the lack of a warranty which some users see as a priority; despite having the wheels and handle, it is not very easy to move due to its heavy weight, and it is not space-saving.

You require at least 2 by 2 feet of space to store this unit. Thus, I  think that it is a pressure washer you can try if you want to upgrade from an electrical pressure washer.

The pressure washer can be connected to an 18 feet extended spray wand so that you can easily reach the top of the house. There are some of the other main features of this pressure washer:


Powerful And All Purpose

It has the dual pressure mode and can work at 2800 psi for powerful cleaning of the sidewalk and the driveways. It also provides high support for the cleaning of delicate surfaces.

The pressure washer can clean almost anything with its dual pressure. The high pressure has a flow rate of 1.8-3.5 max GPM. Hence, there is not much difference in cleaning efficiently despite low pressure.


High Range Of Attachments

The pressure washer is supported by the attachment range, making it easy to use in all conditions. It comes with 4 quick connection tips, 0 degrees, 15 degrees, and 40 degrees, along with the soap nozzle. The pressure washer is also equipped with a separate detergent tank that can be used for increased cleaning efficiency.


Easy Maintenance

Despite being the best gas-powered pressure washer, it is very easy to maintain, and no need to change the oil forever. The pressure washer has a basic and simple start, stops the procedure, and does not require much expertise.



  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for every environment
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable cost
  • Perfect for all users


  • Not the best space-saving pressure washer
  • Hose length is less when compared to competitors


Why Should You Buy Briggs And Stratton 2800 Psi Pressure Washer?

Finding a perfect solution for all types of cleaning can be difficult. However, this pressure washer is perfect whether you need heavy-duty or light-duty cleaning. This Briggs and Stratton psi 2800 can be your perfect destination.

It is very reliable and comes with around a 160 cc engine that is easy to use. It has great applications and many attachments, making it the perfect machine for all your requirements.



Not every pressure washer is best for every kind of situation, and very few of them are reliable and durable. However, this pressure washer has everything you might be looking for? It is the perfect combination of affordable power and versatility. Moreover, it has double power yet pressure mode that mainly assists you in cleaning with great efficiency.

The customers who used it are so satisfied with all of its performance and considered yet to recommend as one of the best pressure washers with an amazing range of advantages. However, it has some limitations that range from no warranty to low pipe length. Despite this, it is very popular among people.

Jose Kelly