Craftsman 1700 PSI Pressure Washer Review [2023]

craftsman 1700 psi electric pressure washer reviewsThe most upsetting sight for a resident or a vehicle owner is to see his property coated with dirt. And if you own a black car? May God help you! You can put an end to such tormenting visions by keeping Craftsman 1700 psi electric pressure washer around.

I could have taken the name of any other washer; why this one specifically? 1). I have used it. 2). It is perfect for such lighter residential cleaning applications. 3). It is extremely budget-friendly and portable.

Despite having a minion-like stature and low pricing, the unit is durable and comes with a lot of convenience and utility. Those who have been looking for a unit that actually deserves to be called the best electric pressure washer for home use, this is it, people. Buy it before you miss the chance.

I want you to read the whole article to get familiar with the amazingness of this piece of equipment.


What Makes Craftsman 1700 PSI Pressure Washer Eclipse Over Others?

Craftsman 1700 psi electric pressure washer beats the competition with its comparatively quieter and fuss-free operation. The small and featherlight machine emits enough force to knock the dirt off your outdoors and vehicle without damaging the property.

Moreover, the overall durability of the unit and long power cord further add to its appeal. Other features that distinguish it from the rest are its onboard storage and ergonomics.

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Craftsman 1700 PSI Pressure Washer Review

craftsman 1700 psi electric pressure washer Craftsman 1700 psi electric pressure washer gives a new meaning to the term ‘cheap’. The compact structure of the unit makes people underestimate it.

But, dig deeper, and you’ll be surprised how good it is at numerous outdoor cleaning assignments.

The little body is caging a motor with 13-amp potential to spew 1700 psi with 1.2 GPM. The unit quietly lends you a hand to remove accumulated dirt and grime from every nook and cranny of your sidewalk, fencing and vehicle.

The presence of only two types of nozzles – a turbo nozzle and a 40º nozzle – isn’t the most ideal situation, but it’s understandable, considering the budgeted price. Besides, they have added a soap applicator canister to boost cleaning —the added benefit also appeases complaining users.

A good thing about this super portable machine is that I can pick it up and carry it to any corner of the outdoors, just like that. Its built-in cord wrap makes sure you don’t tumble over the wire while moving.

Speaking of which, the long wire gives you the legroom to move up to 35-ft away from the point of power source. You don’t have to tell me how irritating it gets when you frequently have to plug and unplug the device during cleaning.

Its kink-resistant hose comes with almost the same benefits. The 20-ft hose can be a bit disappointing for some, but it is long enough to help you reach surfaces that are a bit far. For instance, it can make cleaning a tall glass window a breeze.

With that being said, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a compact and inexpensive pressure washer for outdoor and vehicle cleaning.


Motor & Power

A 13-amp electric motor is kind of a standard for portable pressure washers. Therefore, this one also has the same strong motor. It is powerful enough to not give up for years. Another noteworthy perk is its quietness and lack of maintenance. In other words, it provides adequate force for fighting dirt, but without any sort of fuss.

It gives birth to 1.2 GPM with an optimum pressure of 1700 psi. This highlights its ability to meet your power needs for outdoor cleaning tasks.


Added Bonus

I would advise you to not expect a whole bunch of nozzle tips because it is a budgeted machine. But, it doesn’t deprive you of options either. The unit includes a turbo and a 40º nozzle to give you a range of solutions for cleaning the exterior surfaces of your house. For example, it can eliminate filthy coating from every corner of your car, sidewalk, patio and fencing.

Furthermore, it makes up for the loss with the addition of a soap bottle applicator. Thus, you can fill the water stream with detergent to fight stubborn stains off surfaces.


Extended Reach

I love that the manufacturers have added a power cord as long as 35 feet. Due to that, you can get quite far away from the power source before you have to look for another outlet. I hate frequent plugging and unplugging more than anything during cleaning.

What I hate more is when the wire tumbles down, and you almost accidentally trip over it. Pleasantly, its design has a built-in cord wrap space for convenient storage to prevent such mishaps.

Now, come to the hose. Its hose is also not very short. The 20 feet hose gives you enough reach to rinse even tall glass windows. Besides, the kink-resistant nature of the hose makes the coiling/uncoiling effortless.



  • Sturdy and portable.
  • Fuss-free operation, storage and transportation.
  • Soap bottle applicator to enhance performance.
  • Long power cord with cord wrap for extended reach and convenient storage.
  • Kink-resistant hose with ergonomic wand promotes comfortable handling.
  • Ideal for lighter outdoor cleaning applications.
  • Cheap pricing and a 3-year warranty.


  • Limited number of extra nozzles.
  • Perfect only for small and basic outdoor cleaning jobs.
  • Hose length isn’t ideal.


Why Should You Buy Craftsman 1700 PSI Pressure Washer?

This compact and lightweight pressure washer is great for your pocket’s health and small cleaning jobs around the house. Secondly, it is comparatively quieter. Besides, the unit is puny yet doesn’t dance around when shooting pressure with full force.

On top of that, it comes with two nozzle tips and a detergent applicator to help you knock the dirt off any surface, including your car, porch and driveway.

Lastly, it comes equipped with a long wire and a built-in cord wrap to promote convenience.

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Final Thoughts

Again, Craftsman has impressed the audience with another epic electric pressure washer for residential use. The small and featherlight unit is a great partner for cleaning your vehicle and outdoors.

It doesn’t make unpleasant sounds while operating nor burdens you with maintenance. It needs improvement in some areas; I won’t deny that. Overall, it’s a great option to buy for light-duty domestic cleaning and regular bathing of your car. So, if you want a small and a low-cost pressure washer for light residential usage, buy this dude in red.

Jose Kelly