Craftsman 1900 PSI Pressure Washer Review [2023]

craftsman 1900 psi pressure washer reviewsPeople who have used pressure washers will tell you how satisfying it is to watch rivers of dirt floating out of your space in minutes.

I have been using Craftsman 1900 psi pressure washer for years for cleaning surfaces and items around my home. There is no match for that gratification, trust me.

The unit is portable and budget-friendly but has enough power to make dirt flee from whatever surface you plan to clean.

The electric setup of the motor doesn’t make noise during operation to make sure nobody in the vicinity is disturbed.

Moreover, it has all the necessary goods to carry out any light-duty cleaning job. The onboard storage lets you keep everything properly in place during and after the application.

I have just scratched the surface. The article below will give you a complete lesson on this product. If you need power without the hassle of maintenance and extra money, then consider investing in this electric pressure washer.


What Makes Craftsman 1900 PSI Pressure Washer Standout?

Although small and portable, its strength and power make it stand out. Besides, the easy use and onboard storage further add to its appeal. Its onboard storage needs separate mentioning of its placement and lock specified for the wand. It lets every item sit properly in its place throughout its use.

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Craftsman 1900 PSI Pressure Washer review

Craftsman 1900 PSI Pressure Washer Craftsman owns a prominent place in the market because they keep entertaining us with reliable machines like this 1900 psi electric pressure washer.

This unit meets the needs of casual users, like homeowners, who won’t require it more than a couple of times a year.

The electric washer runs like a champ once plugged into a power source of your house. No, there will be no commotion because it is almost noiseless. That means you can feel free to use it even in the dead of the night.

As for the more technical specs of the unit, it houses a 13 amp powerful motor that can generate 1900 psi and 1.2 GPM. These configurations are pretty adequate for dislodging dirt from your cars, outdoor furniture, patios etc.

It even features a detergent dispenser to help you rinse mulish oily stains and residue. The package offers three nozzles to cover the majority of your cleaning tasks. All of the wand tips have a quick-connect mechanism to make sure you attach the required one in a trice.

I like the machine’s hose because of its length. It is 25-ft long. What I like more is that they’ve paired it with a 35-ft power cord. You will appreciate the lengths when you plan to wipe filth from surfaces that are way beyond reach.

I know what reservation might come to your mind with such lengthy cords—their storage. Arrangement of the wand, hose, nozzle and cord will not be awkward because of the onboard storage and rail lock.

Lastly, its 8-inch wheels are also satisfactory both in strength and motion. Manoeuvring it around your space will not be a taxing job.

All in all, I would recommend it to all those homeowners or casual users who have a smaller budget but do not want to compromise quality and convenience.



There’s a very simple formula to calculate the overall power of a pressure washer. The product of the unit’s pressure (PSI) and water flow rate (GPM) will give you Cleaning units (CU). It indicates the power of the machine. According to the formula CU = PSI x GPM, the cleaning unit of this pressure washer is 2280.

The figure might seem small, but it is quite adequate for an array of cleaning applications around your home. For instance, it is capable of cleaning decking and making dirt flee from cars, outdoor furniture, patios and other such objects.


Power Source

It bears an electric motor of 13 amp that generates 1900 psi and 1.2 GPM. The reasons for mentioning the motor are 1). convenience 2). more convenience.

First, you can easily plug it into any power outlet near your work location. Secondly, there will be no obnoxious noise that such machines usually make. It is pleasantly silent during work.

You can run it in the wee hours of the night, and no one in the house or neighbourhood will bite your ears off with noise complaints.


Onboard Storage & Accessories

Many pressure washers contain a slot for storing pressure hose and wire, but onboard storage of this one is better. That’s because its placement is ideal and is paired with a rail lock for the wand.

The goods that come with it, such as a pressure hose, a power cord and multiple nozzles with quick-connect wand tips, can be securely placed. Whether moving or standing stationary, these items will not move an inch from their place.

Speaking of place, steering it from one location to another will not be exhausting because of its 8-inch wheels. They float over a surface with ease.



  • Quality construction.
  • Electric powered and therefore easy to use and doesn’t require maintenance.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Adequate power for numerous applications.
  • Easy mobility with 8-inch tires.
  • Onboard storage with a lock offers a convenient arrangement of goods.
  • Extended reach.
  • Affordable price.


  • Small wheels have trouble moving over uneven surfaces.
  • Limited for light-duty jobs only.
  • Instructions are a bit unclear.


Why Should You Buy Craftsman 1900 PSI Pressure Washer?

The top three reasons that I have noticed compel a majority of users to purchase this machine are:

First, it is portable and budget-friendly.

Secondly, despite the small size, the unit homes lots of power. It can tackle a wide variety of light-duty cleaning jobs for casual users.

Lastly, the onboard storage is spacious and equipped with a rail lock for the wand. It stores all the accessories properly.

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Time to wrap it up. I have learned from experience that Craftsman 1900 psi pressure washer aims to provide as much relief to casual users – especially the on-budget ones – as possible. The unit is portable, compact and doesn’t cost an and a leg. Yet, it bears a lot of power to cater to the needs of homeowners.

Besides, it has a variety of goods to help you do the cleaning application the right way. Its wheels might be small, but that’s a small chink in the grand scheme of things. So, I would totally recommend it to average homeowners and renters who’re looking for a value pressure washer for light-duty jobs.

Jose Kelly