Craftsman 2200 PSI Pressure Washer Review [2023]

craftsman 2200 psi pressure washer reviewGas pressure washers have no doubt tremendous strength and power. But, this heft entails an equally heavy price that is unaffordable for many, especially homeowners and on-budget customers.

This tug of war between power, price and value seems never-ending. Thank Craftsman for manufacturing the ‘Craftsman 2200 PSI Pressure Washer’ because it gives you a win-win solution in this dilemma.

The unit has everything from a high-potential quality engine and axial pump to extra nozzles and long reach. So, it can practically accomplish any cleaning project you throw at it.

Before you bombard me with questions, let me tell you that I have shared my two cents after hours and weeks of research. Apart from that, two of my friends own this model and won’t miss a chance to praise its features and performance.

That’s how I know that this pressure washer really is the best value pressure washer for those who want the strength of a gas model without going overboard with the money.

For further details, you should scroll down and give a read to the review below.


What Makes Craftsman 2200 PSI Pressure Washer Standout?

The strength and easy starting of the Craftsman 2200 PSI Pressure Washer (1.8 GPM) make it stand apart from traditional gas-powered counterparts. The unit can stay functional for years even with minimal care and maintenance.

Another distinguishing feature is the inclusion of a tangle-free hose with a soap system to enhance its cleaning capacity. In addition to that, its competitive price further increases its appeal.

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Craftsman 2200 PSI Pressure Washer Review

craftsman 2200 psi pressure washer Craftsman 2200 psi is a humbler version of a gas power pressure washer. The unit is relatively affordable yet comes with the perks and privileges of a gas power cleaner.

It has an awesome Briggs & Stratton engine that you can count on for a large variety of cleaning applications.

The unit offers a maximum pressure output of 2200 psi with 1.8 water flow per minute to quickly clear some of the most stubborn layers and nasty surfaces within your sight.

Another great feature is its Triplex pump with Easy Start technology. And here goes the challenging starting of a gas-powered unit out of the window. You can easily put this machine into action by pulling the rope. My pal loves the maintenance-free nature of the pump more.

Those who have a couple of experiences with its cleaning capacity are in love with the addition of a soap system. It washes off greasy and nasty stains pretty quickly. There are two other nozzles too alongside the soap siphon to make it compatible with various tasks around your property.

Its pressure hose is 25 feet and endowed with EZ Flex technology to retain flexibility when diverted towards hard-to-access areas. Speaking of hard, the unit might seem big and therefore hard to move, but it’s not. The 10” never-go-flat kinda tires make its manoeuvrability quite easy even on rough terrains.

All this boils down to one point: You should go for it if you aim to go beyond the potential of an electric pressure washer without breaking a bank.


Engine & Pump

The name Briggs & Stratton brings along a lot of peace of mind. You will not have to worry about the lifespan and potential of this washer’s engine because it is Briggs & Stratton 550 series.

You can get an idea of its strength through its ability to deliver a consistent 2200 psi pressure throughout the task. It gives you a speedy water flow with a maximum rate of 1.8 GPM.

The axial cam pump is also of the same great quality. It features an Easy Start technology to help you get rid of the frustration of struggling with starting a gas unit. A simple pull of the rope will quickly start the machine.


Flexible Hose & Nozzles

The pressure of this unit is laden with a special EZ Flex system to keep it kink-free and flexible when channelling the stream towards hard-to-access regions. Its length is 25 feet so you will not have trouble travelling farther than the unit to clean narrow and awkward spaces.

It is one of those special pieces that include a detergent system nozzle along with other tips. So, shaping its stream according to the filthiness of the surface you plan to clean won’t be a challenge. All the equipment has built-in storage to make sure nothing gets lost.


Manoeuvring & Storage

Unlike other gas pressure washers, this one is pretty easy to move across the property. The quality of the structure is also seen in its wheels. The tires are 10” in size with never-go-flat kinda material. So, they will not lose traction and roll over even rough terrains with extreme ease.

The overall size of the machine is also relatively compact to make sure it doesn’t give you a headache while storing.



  • Sturdy engine and axial pump for dependable performance.
  • Easy to set up and start.
  • Maintenance-free pump.
  • Higher pressure and water flow can tackle challenging cleaning applications.
  • Detergent system to enhance cleaning potential.
  • Effortless manoeuvring and storage.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Poorly stated instructions.
  • Requires a bit of practice to master its use.
  • A few complaints regarding customer services.


Why Should You Purchase Craftsman 2200 PSI Pressure Washer?

The quality of its engine and pump is the biggest reason why one should invest money in this unit. It doesn’t require much maintenance yet works well for years.

Secondly, the unit comes with multiple nozzle tips, including a soap siphon hose, to shape it according to whatever you want to clean.

Thirdly, the unit isn’t heavy and homes sturdy wheels that are puncture-free to smoothly roll across terrains.

Lastly, it is comparatively affordable and also entails a good warranty to not put pressure on your budget.

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Final Verdict

Craftsman 2200 PSI Pressure Washer is a charmer. The duo of the engine and axial pump make this one hell of a powerful machine that can perform well for years without much maintenance.

From vehicles to concretes to driveways to 2nd-floor surfaces, it is capable of washing stains from all places without leaving a single scratch. As my friends are very satisfied with this unit, I would recommend it to all those homeowners who are looking for a gas-powered machine with great value.

Jose Kelly