Greenworks 1950 PSI Pressure Washer Review [2023]

greenworks 1950 psi pressure washer reviewsIf you pay less, you get a low-powered portable pressure washer that can clean only a couple of surfaces. An increase in power means you not only will lose portability but also have to upset your budget. What now?

There’s a simple answer to get you out of this dilemma. The Greenworks 1950 PSI Pressure Washer (GPW1951) offers you a middle ground.

The unit is a combination of Ps and Es – portability and power, ease of use, efficiency and economical price. Its small figure holds a rugged motor to undertake a variety of light to mid-range power cleaning jobs around the house or garage.

From a long power cable to a pressure hose with a hose reel to several attachments with built-in storage spots, the model contains everything that you might want.

In the light of my experience with it over the years, I would give it a near 5-stars rating. Search it and you will see that I am one of the many who have given it sterling ratings. So, buy it if you really need one of the best pressure washers for the money in the market. I would let the review below do the rest of the talking and convincing. So, keep going.


What Helps Greenworks 1950 PSI Pressure Washer Eclipse Over Others?

The combination of portability and power distinguishes Greenworks 1950 PSI from its rivals, making it steal the limelight. Its ability to carry out light to seemingly medium-duty cleaning jobs efficiently and quickly further adds to its uniqueness.

Besides, the unit has a built-in soap system along with nozzle tips, for customising the jet stream, to strip unwanted coatings better than your expectation. Despite the impressive quality and performance, its price is pretty lower, which further helps it eclipse others.

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Greenworks 1950 PSI Pressure Washer Review

greenworks 1950 psi pressure washer Greenworks 1950 psi (GPW1951) is in the good graces of DIYers and vehicle owners because of its quality, features and economical pricing.

The unit homes an induction motor engine of 13-amp to keep it fit and strong for years, even with minimal care. It seems portable but can easily do relatively heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

The high-speed stream of 1.2 GPM with 1950 psi can give one hell of a beating to dirt, grime coating and stubborn stains. As a result, you will have brand new surfaces in a record time.

Some users didn’t like the inclusion of only two nozzles, 25°and 40°, but the bonus of a soap tip and quick-connect mechanism eliminates all the objections. Therefore, you can swiftly alter the spray speed and pattern to tackle various cleaning tasks.

Furthermore, its 35-ft cord and 25-ft hose allow you to reach those hard-to-reach areas that previously only rainwater could clean, e.g. 2nd-storey surfaces and windows.

Due to its lighter weight and slim dimensions, moving it around is breezy. The addition of rear wheels has made transportation further easier. Similar is the case with its storage.

Besides, the built-in hose reel and cable holder add more ease to storage and mobility. Even the nozzles and accessories have designated slots to enhance convenience.

In the end, if you are looking for three Es, i.e. ease of use, efficiency and economical pricing, Greenworks 1950 psi pressure washer (GPW1951) should be your first choice.


Induction Motor

A motor is the heart and soul of an electric pressure washer, and Greenworks 1950 PSI has the strongest and healthiest one. It employs a 13-amp induction motor to meet your power cleaning needs and stay fit for decades. Even with minimal care, the unit will perform efficiently for years.

It can pour out 1.2 GPM with a pressure intensity of 1950 psi to clean surfaces at lightning speed, metaphorically speaking.


Capacity & Reach

With this model in the collection, you will have the cleanest property in the neighbourhood. Its 35-ft power cable and 25-ft pressure hose mean extended reach. This, in return, means you can remove ugly layers of dirt and debris from 2nd-storey and hard-to-access areas. Yep, sparkly, sparkly.

Whether you need to clean a car, wooden fence, patio, porch, deck, driveway or siding, it will make the property sparkly clean. That’s because it carries a 25-degree tip, a turbo nozzle and a soap system to customise according to the level of filth.


Small Footprint

The slim and lightweight figure of this model is also one of the reasons why people buy it. The tiny frame of the unit occupies a small space, no matter if it is standing vertically or lying down horizontally. Due to this design, its transport also becomes unchallenging.

Another thing that you notice in the design is the built-in hose reel and cable-holder. They keep these long accessories out of your way and secure to prevent inconvenience, both during work and stacking away.

What I appreciate more is that the nozzle tips and other accessories also have separate spots for storage. Thus, all the items are placed within reach yet out of your way to prevent mess.



  • Strong and long-lasting motor can withstand years of use.
  • Slim frame with a small footprint is easy to carry around and stack away.
  • Two nozzles with a soap tip for thorough and efficient cleaning jobs.
  • Admirable reach allows users to rinse 2nd-storey surfaces and awkward corners.
  • Built-in wire holder and hose reel aid in convenience.
  • Low price.
  • Ideal for light to medium-duty cleaning jobs.


  • A few leakage complaints.
  • Seemingly fragile frame cannot withstand harsh bangings.
  • Includes only two nozzle options.


Why Should You Buy Greenworks 1950 PSI Pressure Washer ?

After hours and hours of research, I have realised that the major compelling reasons for purchasing this model are:

First, it has a pretty and durable structure along with a small frame. The unit is not only easy to move around but also takes less floor space during storage.

Secondly, its induction motor is strong like heavy-duty engines. Therefore, it can emit powerful gusts of pressure and jet streams to clean challenging stains from a range of surfaces; and that also without losing even a tiny bit of efficiency.

Lastly, despite quality design and lasting performance, the price is very much economical.


Final Verdict

This Greenworks 1950 PSI pressure washer is a mid-range tool that packs more power than your expectations. The integration of a rugged induction motor capable of emitting higher pressure and GPM makes it a great opponent for fighting dirt, grime and other unwanted filth from outdoors and 2nd-storey surfaces.

As expected, this model also isn’t completely flawless. However, the minor shortcomings do little to bring down its overall utility and value. Hence, I would recommend it to every person out there looking for a powerful pressure washer with features at economical pricing.

Jose Kelly