How To Attach Foam Cannon To Pressure Washer

There are different varieties of pressure washers available in the market, each with its pressure and flow rate. Almost all modern pressure washers come with a detergent tank by which you can spray the soap or any other chemical on the surface to help you lift the stains effectively. Different kinds of detergent are available in the market and are used for different surfaces.

Some people might struggle with their pressure washer because despite filling the detergent tank and equipping it with the pressure washer, no detergent is coming out of the nozzle. Well, there are a few things that you might be missing, and in this article, we shall discuss them. We will thoroughly discuss how to attach foam cannon to the pressure washer. So let’s get started.

Why Do You Need A Foam Cannon?

The pressure washer comes with different nozzles and other attachments, and foam cannon is one of them. It increases the cleaning efficiency several times. Foam cannon is used in pressure washers with no internal detergent mixing system. These are very easy to use as there is no chemical mixing in the pump, and the wand is responsible for mixing the detergent right before spraying. With the help of foam cannon, you can turn your regular pressure washer into the perfect cleaning machine and can clean most surfaces with it.

Foam cannon eliminates the need for manual detergent spray, and you can easily change the wand, giving you the authority of when to use or not use detergent.

Attaching Foam Cannon To Pressure Washer?

Many pressure washer models are available on the market, and each one might have a different fitting and required attachments to connect the foam cannon to the pressure washer. These are the steps to connect the foam cannon to the pressure washer.

Select The Right Fitting

First, you must choose the right fit for your pressure washer. Disconnect the wand from the spray trigger and note the external and internal diameter of the wand. You will need a similar fitting as your wand. You might need to use the wrench to detach the wand and ensure that the fitting you are using is rated for the pressure of your pressure washer. Use the fitting that comes from an authentic manufacturer and avoid using low-quality fitting. Make sure that the threading on the fitting is perfect before installing them.

Remove The Wand And Connect The Fitting

The next step is to remove the wand. First, disconnect the nozzle from the wand. Otherwise, it might get misplaced or lost. Make sure you do not apply too much force while disconnecting it; otherwise, you can bend it. After removing the wand, connect the fitting. Use the Teflon tape for extra waterproofing and tighten it perfectly.

Connect The Foam Cannon

After connecting the fitting, the next step is to connect the foam cannon. You can use any foam cannon that you like but make sure that it fits perfectly to your fitting; otherwise, it has no use. Foam cannons have nozzles, so it is no need to attach a nozzle.

Fill The Detergent

Fill the detergent in the container and attach it to the bottom of the foam cannon. When you press the trigger, the water will mix with detergent in the foam cannon. The cannon takes the detergent by orifice action and mixes it with water from the pressure washer. You can use detergent to increase cleaning efficiency.

Things To Consider When Connecting The Foam Cannon

There are several things that you need to consider when connecting the foam cannon:

  • Double-check all the connections to make sure that they are secure.
  • Run the water throughout the cannon without turning the pressure washer to check for any leakage and to get rid of the air.
  • Make sure to use only the recommended detergent and check it on a small area before spraying it all over the surface.

Final Thoughts

A foam cannon is employed in pressure washers that lack an internal detergent mixing mechanism. There is no chemical mixing in the pump, and the wand is responsible for mixing the detergent immediately before spraying. You must select the appropriate fitting for your pressure washer. You may need to use the wrench to detach the wand and double-check that the fitting you’re using is rated for the pressure of your pressure washer. Check all of the connections to ensure that they are safe and secure. Run water through the cannon without turning on the pressure washer to check for leaks and to remove any air.

Jose Kelly