How To Clean an Area Rug With a Pressure Washer?

How Clean Area Rug With Pressure WasherCleaning the rug has always been a nightmare because they can get filthy, and the dust accumulates in their pores.

Pressure washers are the best way to clean the area rug because they can cast out all the dirt in an easy way.

Rubbing with a brush and soap can decrease their look and life. Of course, you will not clean the rug wherever it is spread, but it is necessary to do some preparation before the cleaning.

In this article, we will discuss the cleaning of the area and the best way to clean them.

Gathering Things:

Prepare The Area

Choose an area that is flat, smooth, and clean so that you can spread your rug there. Also, keep in mind that it has a way for the drainage of water coming out of the pressure washer. Concrete or tile patio or driveway would be a good candidate for run cleaning. There is no problem in cleaning the rug outdoors, and the wooden surface would also be good.

Choose The Pressure Washer

You can use any home electric or gas-powered pressure washer. The critical player is the tip in rug cleaning. It is better to use the information from a wide angle. This will make the cleaning easier by covering more area, and it will also help retain the integrity of the fiber.

Choose The Detergent And Brush

If you are planning to use a detergent or a brush, make sure that it is safe to use with the material of your rug. You can use detergent or stain remover before power cleaning on visible stains.

Steps To Clean Area Rug

These are the steps by which you can easily clean the area rug with a pressure washer without destroying them.

  • Spread the rug in the suitable area that is discussed above. Make sure that the carpet is spread completely.
  • Apply the detergent if necessary to the deep stains and softly rub them with a hand or brush. There is no need to clean them thoroughly, but the purpose is to soften them.
  • Now assemble and mount the pressure washer with the recommended procedure and ensure that you are using the right tip.
  • Start the pressure washer and begin to clean the rug. Do not get the spray nozzle too close to the pressure washer. Start from the center of the pressure washer and make your way to the end. This will take all the dirt out of the rug
  • Make sure that the spray nozzle is inclined to the surface to have the best cleaning effect and go in one direction to move the dirt out of the rug.
  • Flip the wig over and repeat the exact cleaning procedure on the back.
  • If you feel that the pressure is ineffective, you can use some high-power tips, but do not be too hasty in judging that.
  • If you plan to use the detergent or the soap, it is better to rinse the rug at least once from top and bottom before applying it.
  • Now attach the detergent accessories and start spraying the detergent.
  • Ensure that you cover all the area, and if any part requires deep cleaning, you can use the brush alongside the detergent.
  • Leave the rug with the detergent for some time to react.
  • Now wash off the detergent by spraying the water with the pressure washer.
  • It is necessary to remove all the detergent as it can damage the rug if left.
  • Now spread the carpet on a smooth and dry place to dry. Make sure that the carpet is on a flat surface to avoid creasing. Ensure that the carpet is thoroughly dried before putting it into the house. It can take 1 to 2 days to dry completely.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the rug with the pressure washer is not a complex task, and it can be done without much problem. You need a flat surface, a pressure washer, and a will to clean the rug. It can make your carpet just like new, and using some detergents, will maintain the rug’s softness. It is essential to clean the carpet at least once a year.

Jose Kelly