How To Clean Driveway With A Pressure Washer

How To Clean Driveway With A Pressure WasherThe pressure washer is primarily used to clean the tough outdoors, such as patios or driveways. Cleaning the driveway can be a difficult task even with a pressure washer due to the porous quality of the concrete and the grease stains that are nearly impossible to remove. If you are having trouble cleaning the driveways, then there is no need to worry; cleaning the driveway is very easy if you know the right strategy.

In this article, we will discuss the strategies and steps involved in cleaning the driveway.

Cleaning The Driveway

Driveways are the home to all kinds of dirt and debris, and they also have oil spills, stains, and much more that can be hard to clean. By following these steps, you can clean the driveway in easy steps.

Step 1

First of all, clear any visible dirt and debris with the help of a broom. This will remove any excess dirt off the driveway that will ease the application of detergent and grease remover.

Step 2

Before using the pressure washer on any surface:

  1. Ensure that all the other characters in the vicinity are fully covered, and there is no chance of damaging them.
  2. Cover the doors, windows, and walls with a plastic sheet.
  3. Apply the sheet evenly in all parts.

Step 3

Use the degreaser to lose the deep stains. Using them before pressure washing, as it  will remove the grease from the depth of the concrete, and it will be much easier to remove. The degreasers are available in spray bottles, and you can spray them on the surface. If they are in liquid form, you would have to apply them using a brush or cloth.

Step 4

Mount the pressure washer by connecting all the hoses and connections. Attach the soap tank and detergent if necessary. Attach the soap-enabled tip and other attachments needed for soap spray. Fill the pressure washer with fuel and check the oil. Moreover, fill the soap tank with the recommended detergent and do not use any untraditional chemicals in the soap tank.

Step 5

Now start to apply the detergent with water on the concrete surfaces. Try to spray in one direction to have better coverage and efficiency. Make sure to cover all the areas. Start the pressure washer at a distance from the surface and gently close the space with the pressure trigger until you reach the best cleaning effects.

Step 6

Now that the detergent is applied, wait for some time to let the detergent react with the surface. Wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes before cleaning the detergent. Use the high power pressure washer with 25 degrees nozzle to clean the driveway with the best efficiency and in the least time.

Step 7

Remove any tough stain of paint or heavy mud by closing the pressure washer tip to the surface. You can also use the 15-degree or concentrated nozzle to clean them. Use the scrub or brush to lighten the bondings and clean them effectively.

Step 8

Now that the driveway is cleaned, leave it for some time to let it dry after that, use the waterproof sealer to seal the concrete. Pour the sealer into the paint pan, attach the roller handle to the roller cover and extended pole and start to apply it on the driveway. Make sure that you cover all the area, especially the car park or move location. Leave it that way 24 hours before parking or using the driveway as usual.

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Using the pressure washer on the driveway can be a tough job, and just using the water will not effectively clean it. It is better to do intelligent work and clean the driveway with chemicals and detergents to have a long-lasting effect. Use the degreaser to clean the greased surface and use the detergent to wipe any tiny dust or dirt particles on the driveway. The concrete is hard and resistant to high pressure. Therefore, you can use high pressure to clean them, but do not go too far. Use the sealer to have the best cleaning for the maximum duration.

Jose Kelly