How To Clean Garage Floor With a Pressure Washer?

Pressure washing is fun, and you can easily clean any surface with the help of a pressure washer without wasting too much time or resources. But when it comes to cleaning the hard rock surfaces, you might need some expertise and proper planning. 

If you have a garage floor, it can get pretty dirty during the winter season and be home to thick layers of dirt, dust, grime, and, worst of all, “oil and grease.” It would help if you had a powerful machine and expertise to clean the garage so it looks new. The power and capabilities of an electric pressure washer might fall short in efficiently cleaning your garage floor. You will need a gas-powered pressure washer with a minimum pressure range of 3000 psi and 3 GPM.

Not only that, but you might also need some chemicals and soaps for effective cleaning. This article will discuss everything in detail about cleaning the garage floor with a pressure washer so you can do it without any issues. Let’s do some cleaning.

How To Clean Garage Floor With Pressure Washer

Cleaning the garage floor with a pressure washer is not easy; it is not like cleaning the car or patio. You will need a powerful pressure washer and a lot of other things. By following these steps, you can easily clean the garage:

Assemble Your Things

First, you will need a gas-powered pressure washer that can produce 3000 psi and 3 GPM. with this machine, you will also need similar tools and attachments. Assemble your pressure washer by following standard procedure and check all the equipment, especially the high-pressure hose, to detect any wear or tear. Assemble everything and check the oil and gas in the pressure washer. Now put on your safety gear, which includes gloves, long pants, goggles, and head protection. 3000 psi can do some serious damage, and you must be prepared for any unwanted incident.

Clear The Garage

Move everything out of the garage that you can move. Make sure to clear all the areas and put all the tools and other items in a secure area. Sweep the garage floor with a mop or broom so that it is clear of all visible debris. It would help if you didn’t leave even a tiny nut or bolt on the garage floor because the water pressure can turn it into a live bullet. Make sure to remove everything from the garage.

Test The Pressure Washer

After you have cleared everything from the garage floor, it is time that you to start to clean it. Start your pressure washer following the recommended procedure and test the pressure washer on a small area. A 25-degree nozzle would be fine for the job; do not change it unless you feel necessary. Spray the water at a distance and gradually decrease the distance between the floor and nozzle until you reach the desired cleaning effect. If the results are promising and you are not getting any anomalies, then you can clean the whole floor with it.

Clean Everything

After testing your pressure washer, you can clean the garage floor with it. Do not get too near the surface, and maintain a steady distance. Please do not spend too much time spraying on a single spot; otherwise, it can cause a streaking effect. Make sure you spray the water in the right pattern, and no area is missed or double cleaned.

Apply The Degreaser

The tough grease and oil stains on the garage floor will not be removed by spraying the water, and you will need some extra arrangements. After pressure washing the garage floor:

  1. Apply the degreaser where you see the grease stain.
  2. Do not put the degreaser into the pressure washer soap tank if the degreaser is not a pressure washer usable.
  3. Leave the degreaser for some time and rinse the surface with a pressure washer stream.

Use Detergent Or Soap

If you want to see the former glory of your garage floor, then it is better to use the surface, concrete detergent, or soap. You can get a good detergent from the market for pressure washers or prepare yourself one by using home items. Pour the soap or detergent into the soap tank and put the soap nozzle at the end. Start the pressure washer and test the detergent on a small area. If the results are good, you can use them on the floor.

Apply Detergent On Garage Floor

Use the soap nozzle and gently spray the detergent on the whole garage floor. Ensure that you are following the right procedure by maintaining the distance of the nozzle from the surface and applying the soap in the right pattern. Make sure that no area is double cleaned or missed from cleaning because it can cause uneven cleaning. Leave the detergent on the surface for some time and then rinse it with fresh water. You can also use a brush or scrubber to clean your garage effectively.

Things That You Must Consider

Cleaning the garage floor requires a more powerful pressure washer than usual, and you must follow all the guidelines. These are the things that you should consider:

  • Make sure to check that the pressure washer is working properly.
  • Clear everything from the garage before cleaning.
  • Check the high-pressure hose to detect any leakage or fault.
  • Wear proper safety gear all the time.
  • Avoid using unauthentic detergent with a pressure washer.
  • Check the water supply to provide the pressure washer’s required flow rate. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the process of cleaning the garage floor after long winters. Garage floors can be challenging to clean because they are home to grease, oil, and grime stains. To clean the garage floor, you will need a powerful pressure washer, and with great power, you need great safety measures. Ensure all the components are working properly, and you must sweep the garage floor before pressure washing. 

When cleaning anything with a pressure washer, you must start with a wide-angle nozzle and test the effect on a small surface before cleaning with it. When cleaning, try to maintain the same distance and avoid spending too much time in the same area. You can use degreaser and detergent for heavy stains but do not get too near to the surface to remove the stain with water pressure.


Jose Kelly