How To Clean a Gutter With a Pressure Washer

How Clean a Gutter With a Pressure WasherGutters and soffits can be the most difficult to clean places in the houses because they are nearly impossible to reach, but using a pressure washer makes cleaning everything so easy. With the use of a pressure washer, you can clean these areas without much effort and mess. However, there must be some new steps and accessories required to clean the gutters effectively with the use of a pressure washer.

In this article, we will discuss the method to clean the gutter with a pressure washer with all of the required accessories, and we shall also discuss some tips for easy cleaning.

How To Clean a Gutter With a Pressure Washer

Here is the process of cleaning the gutter with the pressure washer. Follow these steps to clean the gutter most efficiently and effectively.

Prepare The Area

First, prepare the area before cleaning the gutter and the soffits. Displace any furniture or removable items near the gutter you are trying to clean. Park the car away from the gutter and ensure no valuables are near it. Also, take away the pots of plants that can be transported. The dirty water out of the gutter can contaminate the vegetation, so if the plants are not removable, cover them with a cloth or sheet. Debris and dirt will fall on the ground, so make sure that there is nothing below that should be cleaned afterward.

Put on the safety glasses and attach the telescopic wand to the pressure washer. This will make you reach the high areas without the use of a ladder. The ladder is not recommended with a pressure washer as it can cause disbalance.

Wet Soffit And Gutter

The first step in cleaning with the pressure washer is rinsing everything with a delicate wash. There are different types of accessories and attachments to ease the cleaning of the gutters. You can use the telescopic nozzle to clean a long pipe. You can also use a horizontal nozzle that sprays the water stream in the left and right directions. There is also the attachment to clean sharp U-shaped turning so that you do not miss any steps. Make sure to use the nozzle with the least power to have the maximum area coverage. This will remove light dirt and dust particles and cast out all the large debris from them. Clean everything thoroughly; you can use a moderate pressure nozzle to clean tough stains and deep mud cake but do not go too far in that, as using the narrow-angle jet nozzle might damage the gutters and soffit would be a whole new problem to solve.

Use The Detergent

If you feel that the pressure spray with just the water is not enough, you might need to use the detergent or soap with the pressure washer. Make sure that you use only the recommended detergent and avoid using any extra ingredients in it. Make sure to dilute the detergent according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Switch the detergent tank to the On position and make sure that you have a detergent spray tip on the end.

Now start to spray the detergent water. Do not aim directly at the surface; instead, use the inclined approach to maximize the cleaning effect. The same goes for the gutters and soffits, do not point the nozzle perpendicular to the surface. Avoid using excessive water as it can cause mould or mildew growth. After the detergent is applied, leave it on the surface for a few minutes.

Rinse the Detergent

Now that the detergent is set for a considerable time, it is time to rinse it. Use the high-pressure stream to tear off any detergent, dirt, and stain. The gutter and soffit are narrow, so it may take some time to clean the detergent off thoroughly. You might need more than one cleaning to wear off any detergent completely.

Clean the Surface

Now the gutter has been cleaned, but the dirt and debris are spilled on the ground, it is time to clean it—power washer the dirt and debris to the drain. You can also use the broomstick to have better cleaning. It is recommended to clean the upper surface first and then the lower surface.


Jose Kelly