How To Clean Metal Roof With Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are a blessing, especially if you have a whole house in front of you that you want to clean, and conventional cleaning might take forever. There are different types of pressure washers, and there are different procedures to clean different surfaces with them. 

If you have a large warehouse with a metal roof, you should clean it at least twice a year to avoid dust and dirt that can cause it to degrade. Cleaning the metal roof with a pressure washer is not easy; you might need to take expert advice. Roof cleaning is unlike any other regular cleaning, and you must take extra precautions. 

This article will discuss cleaning the Roof with a pressure washer so you can clean it effectively in the minimum time. So let’s get started.

How To Clean Metal Roof With Pressure Washer?

Metal roofs are not easy to clean, and you must take proper steps before cleaning. There are different metal roofs, and you must take different approaches to clean them. The first is the roofs with a slight angle, and you can walk on them. There are also metal roofs with high inclination; you can not walk on them properly. 

Cleaning these metal roofs requires different cleaning approaches. If you have a slightly inclined surface on which you can walk, it is better to clean them while standing on the Roof. If the surface has a high angle, you should use a ladder to clean them. Cleaning the metal roof is not a one-person job; you will need at least one helper. These are the steps of doing that:

Assemble Your Pressure Washer

The first thing to clean with a pressure washer is to gather and assemble all the components. You can use a gas or electric-powered pressure washer. While you are assembling your pressure washer, make sure to check all the connections to see if they are working properly. Double-check the high-pressure hose and the power cord to confirm that they are in perfect shape. You might need a telescopic wand and an extra lengthy high-pressure hose for metal roof cleaning. 

Gather Your Safety Equipment

If you plan to clean the metal roof while on top of it, you will need some safety equipment. Use the harness if possible to avoid accidental falls. Always use high grip shoes, which can provide you extra stability. Make sure to use personal protective equipment, gloves, and goggles. Use knee and elbow protection if you find it appropriate.

If you use the pressure washer on the ladder to clean the metal roof, you will need extra safety measures. Make sure that one guy always holds the ladder firmly while you wash. Please do not place the ladder on an uneven surface and avoid using it on grass or any other rough surface.

Prepare The Surface

After double-checking every safety measure, it is time to prepare the cleaning area. Remove any unwanted things such as cars, plant pots, or other items from the vicinity of the cleaning area. Cover the plants with waterproof sheets to avoid damaging them. You should remove any visible particles or material from the Roof by sweeping or handpicking them. These materials are important to remove. Otherwise, they can fly in the air at high speed due to water pressure and can cause damage.

Test Your Pressure Washer

After you have taken the necessary safety measures, it is time to test your pressure washer. If you are standing on the Roof, then make sure to stand in the middle and always keep one helper beside you, ready to save you from any unwanted incident. Test the pressure washer on a small area to check the results. If the results are promising, then you can use them on the whole surface. 

If you are using it on the ladder, start with the lightest pressure or nozzle. If you do not find any difficulty, you can gradually increase it. 

Clean While Following Safety

After you have done the testing and the results are good, you can clean the surface with it. Make sure to keep the same distance of the pressure washer nozzle from the surface. Make sure to spend the same time on every part to avoid streaking. If you cannot reach any specific area on the ladder, use the telescopic wand to clean it. Please do not use the pressure washer for too long on any particular surface; otherwise, it can damage it.

Use The Detergent

If you feel necessary, you can use detergent but make sure to use only the metal grade detergent. Using non-recommended detergent might result in corrosion and damage to the Roof’s surface. The process of checking the detergent is the same. Test it on a small area and leave it for some time. If you do not find anything unwanted, you can clean the Roof. Make sure to spray the detergent and leave it for some time as described on the packaging.

Safety Tips For cleaning Roof

These are the safety tips that you should always follow:

  • The best time to clean the Roof is in the morning. Avoid cleaning the surface in broad daylight, as the Roof can get extremely hot. Direct sunlight can cause glare that can affect your vision. Choose a bright morning to clean so that water can evaporate during the day.
  • Do not try to clean the areas where you can not reach them. Make sure to use a telescopic wand or change the ladder position.
  • Do not use any unrecommended product on the Roof, as metal easily rusts and degrades.
  • Always remove unnecessary objects and wear full protection equipment. Also, take help from your colleague to avoid any unwanted incidents.
  • Do not use the pressure washer on the Roof if you are uncertain about cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaner would be much safer and better.

Final Thought

Cleaning the metal roof with a pressure washer is a time-saving and quick process, but it is also extremely risky and challenging. You should follow proper safety protocol, and you might need extra equipment. There are a lot of things that you should consider before cleaning, including safety, procedure, and equipment. Good luck and happy cleaning.

Jose Kelly