How to Clean Outside Of Gutters With A Pressure Washer

Gutters are installed on the house to direct the flow of rainwater so that it does not accumulate on the roof or fall improperly. Gutters are of primary importance in keeping the surrounding of your house clean, and they also play a vital role in maintaining the roof’s reliability.


If the gutters are locked, then it can lead to the accumulation of water. The outside of the gutters are generally white, but with time, they can get really dirty and destroy your house’s good image. If you want to keep your house perfect, then it is necessary to clean your gutter, but they can be hard to clean, especially because they are higher than your reach. In this article, We will provide you with the ultimate guide to cleaning the outside of the gutter and the things you need to consider and take care of while cleaning them. So let’s start the discussion.


How to clean outside of gutters with a pressure washer


Cleaning the outside of the gutter can be frustrating if you use a brush or scrubber, and it will take more than 2 to 3 hours. More than that, you will also need a ladder to reach higher areas, but there is something, and you can clean them with so much ease and efficiency.


This magic machine is called a pressure washer and can clean any surface within a minimum time. The only problem is that the gutters are not made to withstand the higher pressure, and they can get easily damaged if you are not careful and do the job without planning. That is why we will provide you with some valuable information you might not know. These are the steps to clean the outside of the gutter with a pressure washer.


Gather and prepare everything


Gutters are usually made of plastic, and they can withstand higher pressure. If you are planning to clean them with a pressure washer, then a 1000 psi pressure washer will do the job. If you think the stains are too tough, you should not go more than 1500 psi in any condition. Otherwise, there will be no gutter to clean. Also, ensure you have all the accessories you need for cleaning, including a hose, nozzle, and detergent if you need them.


Having all the safety equipment, such as gloves and safety goggles, is also important. Also, make sure that you put on long pants and a full sleeve shirt.


Gutters can be very high, so you must use a telescopic wand to clean them better.


Assemble your pressure washer  


When you have gathered all your equipment and necessary items, it is time to assemble your pressure washer. Follow the standard process to assemble the pressure washer and make sure to check all the pipes and hoses. Before using your pressure washer, make sure that all the valves and connections are perfect and free from all errors. If you see any abnormalities, then make sure to rectify that before starting it.


Test on a small surface


When you have assembled the pressure washer, then it is time to check it on a small surface. Use the wide-angle nozzle first and keep the pressure washer wand at a distance from the gutter’s surface. Now start to test wash the gutter and keep decreasing the distance till you achieve the desired cleaning effects. If you notice any kind of surface disturbance, then do not use the pressure washer to clean the outside of the gutter, but if you do not see any sign of damage, then you can use the pressure washer to clean the gutter.


Clean like you mean it


Now that your gutter has passed the cleaning test, it is time to clean the whole surface using it. You can easily clean the lower surface with a regular spray wand, but to reach a high surface, you should use a telescopic wand. There are some things that you must do for effective and efficient cleaning.


  • Do not take the nozzle too far or too near to the surface of the gutter when you are cleaning them.
  • Make sure that you spend the same amount of time cleaning every portion of your gutter and do not spend too much or too little time on a particular area.
  • If you feel that the area needs extra cleaning for extra layers, then avoid using a high-power nozzle. Instead, you should use a brush, scrubber, or detergent to clean them.
  • Clean at an angle and avoid making direct contact with the pressure washer.


Apply detergent if needed


If you feel the need, then you should use the detergent on the pressure washer. You can use any plastic-grade detergent to use on the gutter. Make sure that the detergent that you are using is a pressure washer safe and safe to use on gutters. Test the detergent on a small area like the regular pressure washer cleaning. If the results are positive, you can use them for total cleaning. Apply the detergent and leave it for some time for a reaction. Then, you can wash it with fresh water.


Necessary precautions


You need to take some precautions to avoid mismanagement in cleaning your gutter with the pressure washer. If you have any plantations, it is better to displace them; if it is not possible, cover them with waterproof sheets. Also, avoid using the pressure washer near the glass windows and lightbulb to avoid any damage.




Many people try to clean the gutter by hand and do not use the pressure washer because it might destroy them, but if you take necessary safety measures and follow all the precautions, you can easily clean them. The first thing to take care of when you are using the pressure washer is safety, and you must check all the valves and hoses for any cracks and ensure none. Also, put on the proper safety equipment and PPE for better protection. Happy Cleaning!       



Jose Kelly