How To Clean A Wood Fence With A Pressure Washer

Fences are useful and very important for any home. They play an important role in keeping your pets and children in your yard and protecting your home from trespassing, but these fences are exposed to cruel weather and constantly face dust, dirt, and grime 24 hours a day without any rest, and they can get really dirty. If you own a big house, it might be a nightmare to clean these wooden fences with a brush and bucket, and it would take forever, or you can use a pressure washer.

With the help of a pressure washer, you can clean these wooden fences in minimum time, and the cleaning efficiency is also very high. But cleaning the Fence without any planning might result in unwanted results. In this article, we will share with you the proper way of cleaning the wooden Fence with the pressure washer. So let’s get started.

Cleaning The Wooden Fence With Pressure Washer

If you want to clean the wooden Fence like new, then these are the steps to do it. Make sure that you follow all these steps. Otherwise, you might damage the Fence or get uneven cleaning.

Prepare the Area

The first thing to clean the Fence is to make it clear. Remove any unwanted plants, obstacles, or pots from the area in which you are using the pressure washer. Use the vacuum cleaner or air blower to clean the Fence from any dust.


Make sure that there is no minor object on the Fence, such as screws or things like that, as they can turn into projectiles by the pressure of water. It is also important that you know the other side of the Fence, whether it is a neighbor’s garden, street, or anything else because high pressure can cause damage from the hole between the Fence. It is better to have a companion on the other side who lets the other people know about the work and tells you to stop if necessary.

Prepare the Pressure Washer

The next step is to prepare the pressure washer for cleaning purposes. Make sure that you put all the connections in the recommended way and avoid using the high-pressure nozzle. An electric pressure washer is perfect for this job because the wooden Fence does not require high pressure. Make sure that you place the pressure washer on a smooth surface.

When you are connecting the hose and power cord, check them properly to confirm that they are free from damage and error. If you find any crack or damage in the hose or valve, do not use the pressure washer.

Prepare Yourself

You must put on all the safety equipment before starting the pressure washer. Make sure to wear safety goggles and gloves all the time when using them. Also, wear full clothes and work boots. Avoid using the pressure washer with bare hands and without safety equipment. If you have a companion, then ensure they follow all the safety protocols.

Test The Pressure Washer

Now it is time to start cleaning the Fence. Use the wide-angle nozzle to avoid any unnecessary damage. Start the pressure washer and test the pressure on a small area. Spray the water from the distance and keep reducing the distance until you reach the desired cleaning. Do not take the spray nozzle less than 12 inches to the wooden Fence.


If you are not getting the desired cleaning effect, you can try a higher pressure nozzle to increase the cleaning effect. If you find the cleaning effective and there is no damage to the surface, then you can use the pressure washer on the complete Fence.

Clean the Fence

Clean the Fence with pressure and make sure to maintain the distance throughout the cleaning session. Make sure to use the pressure washer nozzle at a distance and also use the nozzle at an angle to the surface. Do not spend too much on the same place, and do not clean anything too quickly; otherwise, you will get the streaking effect. Clean the Fence by uniform spraying.

Spray The Detergent

You can also use the detergent on the wooden Fence if you feel necessary. Using only the verified and branded detergent with the pressure washer is recommended. Make sure that the detergent you are using is a pressure washer usable and safe on a wooden surface.


Switch to the detergent nozzle and apply the detergent to a small area to see the results. If the detergent is safe and effective, then you can use it on the complete Fence. Follow the same process to achieve uniform cleaning and leave the foam on the surface for

some time after applying it. Rinse the Fence with fresh water, and now you will see your Fence cleaned like new.

Things To Consider When Cleaning the Wooden Fence

Wooden fences can get damaged easily if you are not careful enough when cleaning them. These are things you should consider when cleaning the wooden fences with a pressure washer:


  • Make sure to check the Fence and if there are damages or cracks, avoid using a pressure washer there.
  • Make sure that you know what is on the other side of the Fence and use the pressure washer when there is nobody on the other side. The best time is in the early morning.
  • Ensure the pressure washer works perfectly, and avoid using the high-pressure nozzle.
  • Do not use the homemade detergent on fences or with pressure washers if you do not know for sure about them.

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In this article, we have discussed the method to clean the wooden Fence with the pressure washer. Cleaning the fences with a pressure washer is very easy, but you need to take care of several safety protocols. The best time to pressure wash the Fence is in the early morning when there is a minimum of passersby. Make sure that you know everything about the other side. When using the pressure washer, clean from the wide angle nozzle and use the low angle only when necessary. Detergents can help a lot in effective cleaning, but you must choose them after consideration.


Jose Kelly