How To Dilute Dawn For Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are useful tools, and you can use them to clean nearly everything if you can use them properly. Nearly all pressure washers can use detergents, but the detergents for the pressure washer are very expensive and can cost much more than regular detergents. 

Using regular detergent in the pressure is a big no and can lead to devastating results. The high-density detergent can affect the performance of the pump and can even choke the pressure wand, but luckily there is a way around it. If you know the right strategy, you can easily use dawn detergent in your pressure washer and easily clean everything efficiently.

In this article, we will reveal the secret to using dawn detergent in a pressure washer so you can save time and money. Let’s do some chemistry.

Is It Possible To Use Regular Soaps And Detergents On the Pressure Washer?

The short answer to that question is yes. But there are a lot of complexities that you need to consider. It is better to dilute them and use only high-quality detergent from reliable brands. The best method is diluting the detergent with hot water appropriately. Also, one important thing you must remember is that regular detergent can not reach the cleaning level of pressure washer-grade detergent. They are temporary solutions if you need them or have a few cleaning jobs.

How To Dilute Dawn For Pressure Washer

Diluting the dawn for a pressure washer is extremely easy, but you must consider a few things. First, ensure that the detergent is not expired or has any debris. The most recommended method is 1 tablespoon of dawn detergent and 1-1.5 quarts of hot water. But the method is not a long-term solution if you want to use the detergent for regular cleaning.

Diluted dawn detergent is a quick solution if you have run out of detergent or need detergent to clean a minor surface.

What Soaps Are Good To Use In Pressure Washer?

There are different detergents and soaps that you can use in the pressure washer, but you need to be aware that some soaps and detergents might be corrosive and can damage the pump. Bleaching agents are a big no to use in pressure washers because they can severely damage the inside of the pump beyond repair. 

You can use simple green detergent or soap to clean the vinyl siding or outer surface of your house’s gutters. Many experienced users confirm the effectiveness of Karcher detergent for car and boat cleaning. According to expert users, sun joe detergents are best suited for deck cleaning.

These are some other detergents that you can prepare for your pressure washing.

For Concrete Surfaces

Suppose you plan to clean the concrete surfaces with a pressure washer, such as driveways, sidewalks, or concrete pavement. In that case, you must use a powerful cleaning agent with your pressure washer that does not damage the internal walls of the pump. If you want to avoid costly detergent, you can prepare it using a simple recipe. You will need water, borax, washing soda, and dish soap.

Pour one gallon of water into the bucket and add half a cup of borax and washing soda. Now add 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic dish soap containing no harmful ingredients. Now mix the solution and leave it for half an hour after covering it properly. After that, pour it into the detergent tank, and you are good to use it on the concrete surface.

For Decks And Floor Cleaning

Wooden decks and tiled floors are not very difficult to clean, but they can get easily damaged if you use a random detergent without knowing its properties and ingredients. It is not recommended to use detergent and soap on wooden decks. Still, if you need to do that and want to avoid the costly detergents for the pressure washer, you can easily prepare it by using laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaning powder, and a light bleaching agent.

First, add 100 ml of laundry detergent with 200 ml of all-purpose cleaning powder and leave this dry mixture for the night by keeping it in a cool and dry place. Now dilute your bleaching agent using 1 liter of it in 5 liters of water. After that, mix the dry mixture gradually and keep mixing it. Make sure that there are no suds that can be stuck in the pipe of the pressure washer.

Now the solution is ready to clean your deck and floors.

For Car And Boat Cleaning

Cleaning the car is not a necessity but also a passion. Everyone wants their car to be the best. A good detergent would be helpful if you are cleaning your car after a long time. You can prepare the homemade detergent using laundry detergent, hot water, and phosphate. First, you will need to mix 12 tablespoons of laundry detergent in a gallon of hot water and mix it properly. The best practice is to mix it gradually. Now add one-third cup of phosphate to the solution and keep mixing it. Please make sure that there are no suds, and then you are ready to clean your car with it. You can also clean the boats with the same solution.

For Vinyl Sidings

Vinyl sidings are delicate things that should not be cleaned with anything you do not know about. You can prepare a cleaning agent for cleaning vinyl sidings by mixing one-third cup of laundry detergent powder and Trisodium Phosphate in one gallon of hot water. It would be a good solution for your vinyl siding.


Homemade detergents are a cheap solution, and they can easily make by using regular home items, but you must use them with caution, and it is better to check them in a small area for any unwanted reaction. Diluted dawn is the best detergent you can easily prepare, and it is good for all kinds of cleaning. There are different recipes to prepare detergent for concrete surfaces, decks and floors, cars and boats, and vinyl siding that you can prepare.

Jose Kelly