How To Lube Pressure Washer Pump?

Using the pressure washer is very easy compared to other regular cleaning methods involving mechanical effort. But if you want to use your pressure washer for a long time without any issues or problems, you must take good care of it. There are many moving parts in the pressure washer pump, and due to constant movement, they can eventually wear out and cause overheating.

Like all the other moving components of all machines, it is important that you properly lubricate your pressure washer pump once a month or before every use, depending on your use. This article will discuss how to lubricate your pressure washer pump properly so you can use it without any problem. So, why are you still here? Just scroll it down and start reading the exciting stuff. The information that makes your reading worth it. Let’s get started.

Why Is It Important To Lube The Pressure Washer?

It would help if you lubed the pressure washer pump from time to time to avoid malfunctioning and overheating. The pressure washer pump moves at high speed to create more than 2000 psi pressure, and it must be properly lubricated. Lubrication of pressure washer pumps also helps increase their service life, and they can perform much more efficiently.

Not lubricating the pump results in high friction between the components and reduces the machine’s output while increasing energy consumption. Moreover, you can also avoid these problems by regularly lubricating the pressure washer pump.

How To Lubricate Pressure Washer Pump

You can use different lubricating oil to lube the pressure washer pump. Ensure that the lubricant you use has high smoke and flash point so it does not ignite. WD-40 light oil is highly recommended for pressure washer pumps due to its appropriate viscosity and other properties. These are steps to lubricate the pressure washer pump properly:

  • First, turn off the pressure washer and turn off the water from the hose that supplies the pressure washer pump. Make sure there is no way the debris and water can enter the pump to cause clogging.
  • Take an old bottle and pour some lube oil into it. Before putting the oil in the bottle, ensure it is completely dry and free from all moisture.
  • If you think there might be certain moisture in the bottle, then make sure to wipe it out with cleaned rugs.
  • Now close the lid of the bottle and shake it properly. Mixing the oil is to achieve uniform consistency throughout the mixture.
  • Now soak the rag in oil and place it on the intake valve of the pressure washer pump. You do not need to apply too much oil but ensure it soaks the inlet valve completely.
  • Now change the pump oil. First, remove old oil by removing the oil cap from the pressure washer pump with the Allen wrench.
  • You might need to tilt the pressure washer to drain the oil. Make sure to collect the oil in an approved container.
  • After all the oil is removed, place the pressure washer correctly.
  • Fill the oil in the pressure washer pump. Make sure to pour the recommended quantity of oil.
  • Install the oil cap and make sure to tighten it perfectly.
  • Restart the pressure washer after making the connection and check it properly.
  • If you do not find anything suspicious, then you are cleared to use the pressure washer.

Things To Consider Changing The Oil

There are many things that you should consider when lubricating the pressure washer pump: A slightly

  • First of all, make sure to disconnect the pressure washer properly. If you are using the gas-powered pressure washer, then it is better to leave it for some time after disconnecting it.
  • Remove all the water from the pressure washer pump. It is necessary to remove the water as it can cause problems in the lubrication process.
  • Make sure to change the oil of the pressure washer pump on a hard and rigid surface to spot any screw or component that might fall quickly.
  • Collect the oil of the pressure washer pump in a fine tray preferably made of metal.
  • Discard the old oil according to health and safety recommended procedures.
  • Make sure to use only the authentic pressure washer pump oil and use the recommended quantity.
  • Try to avoid the water flow in the continuous stream as it might not be good. Thus, it is necessary to turn off the water stream. Also, it is important to be the faucet in the exact proper direction. The important point is that if the water still enters the equipment, it freezes.
  • Wear the proper safety gear and check the pressure washer during the oil-changing process. Make sure to wear safety goggles, gloves, long pants, and a shirt.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed the procedure to lube the pressure washer pump. It is critical to oil your pressure washer pump once a month or before each use, depending on your usage. Because of its adequate viscosity and other features, WD-40 light oil is highly recommended for pressure washer pumps.

Further, it is significant to ensure that the pressure washer is properly disconnected and that all water has been removed from the pressure washer pump. Replace the oil in the pressure washer pump on a firm and stiff surface. Remove old oil from the pressure washer pump by removing the oil cover and tilting it so the oil may flow out. Pour in the necessary amount of oil and tighten the oil cap.

Jose Kelly