How To Make Snow With Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are mainly used for cleaning, and you can effectively and efficiently clean any surface with a pressure washer. They are an ultimate machine that can provide 1500 to 3500 psi pressure to clean anything but did you know that you can use the pressure washer to create snow and enjoy it to the fullest?

If you live in areas where the temperature is not cold enough for natural snowing, especially in the southern parts of the United States, then you can create snow with a pressure washer; it is not a joke. This article is for you if you love snow, but your area does not have that much. Here we will discuss the process of creating snow with a pressure washer and its science. So let’s get started.

The Process Of Making Snow With Pressure Washer

You can not make snow in hot weather, and there are some requirements that you must consider. You do not need a 32-degree Fahrenheit temperature; the process can work as high as 37 degrees. You will also need cold water so that it can easily freeze and a high-pressure nozzle. Pressure washers are good for creating snow from water and work similarly to more expensive snow cannons, but you can also use a garden hose by applying snow attachments to it.

The process of filling your backyard with snow by using a garden hose will be slower, and it is recommended to use a pressure washer with snow attachments to achieve the perfect results. 

The Environment For Creating Snow

Creating snow is impossible when you do not consider the necessary conditions. First of all, the temperature outside must be near freezing. Also, use the natural cold water from the stream or river if you can find it. Cold tap water can also do the job, but you should not use hot water. Using hot water will not only restrict the snow formation but also heat the yard, so it would not be enough if you have cold water afterward.

Create Snow

It would help if you had a good time making snow in your backyard. The best time to create snow is in the evening because the temperature is not too high, and there is little chance of sunshine melting the snow. If you create snow in the morning, it will probably melt by the afternoon. 

Assemble your pressure with an inlet and outlet hose. Make sure that you are using cold water and that the supply is enough. Start the pressure washer by following the regular procedure and blowing the water. It would help if you used the snow attachments for maximum efficiency, which you can buy online at a minimum price. Snow attachments maximize snow production, and you can easily cover the yard. 

Make sure to spray the pressure at a 45-degree upward angle so that the water spends maximum time in the air. More snowflakes will form when the water spends more time in the air. 

You will start making snow by this procedure; make sure you are using the right amount of water, and if the water starts to come out instead of snow, then immediately turn it off and wait for some time. The internal temperature of the pump and motor might rise due to excess use, and you should let it cool for some time. 

Things That Increases The Chance Of Creating Snow

If you want the best snow when the temperature is above freezing, then it is better to use a nucleating agent. Nucleating agents are the impurities in the water around which the snowflakes start to form. You can find nucleating agents in natural streams or river water. 

Ski resorts also use nucleating agents to produce the snow more effectively. If you are struggling to make snow from water, then nucleating agents can help. You can buy these chemicals online and mix them in water before using them.

The use of snow attachments also enhances the snowmaking process. It is ideal to use a maximum surface area nozzle that increases the chance of snow formation.

How Snow Is Formed When Temperature Is Above Freezing

There is a science behind the phenomenon of creating snow from a pressure washer. The volume of water starts to increase rapidly when it comes out of the pressure washer, and the contact with air particles causes them to create snow. With high pressure and surface area, the chances are increased. Snow forms around tiny impurities particles, and in clear water is very difficult to create snow. Nucleating agents act as starting points for the creation of flakes.

Creating Snow From Boiling water

If the temperature is below freezing, you can even create snow from boiling water. Cold water can form ice, but boiling water has higher vapor pressure and surface area, which is ideal for making snow. You can throw the pan of boiling water in the chilled outdoors, turning it into snow. 

Things That Are Important To Consider

When you are making snow, these are the important things to consider.

  • Always wear proper safety gear to avoid pressure washers and frostbite damage.
  • Do not leave the water in the pressure washer after usage.
  • Do not use sand or natural impurities as nucleating agents.
  • Do not use low-angle nozzles for snowmaking.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the process of making snow from a pressure washer and the things by which you can maximize snow production. You do not need to have freezing temperatures to create snow. Instead, you can do it even at 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The first thing you need to consider for snowmaking is using cold water at the right temperature.

Pressure washers produce the snow by throwing the water at high pressure. At high pressure, the water starts to compress and make snow. Moreover, cold air is also very important, and you need a high surface area of water for snow production. Nucleating agents are also important for the production of snow. If you are using tap water, you should use an artificial chemical that enhances the snowmaking process. Happy snow!

Jose Kelly