How To Build A Pressure Washer Trailer?

A pressure washer trailer enables you to expand your pressure washing capabilities; usually, bigger businesses own a trailer pressure washer. If you have a pressure washer for home use, a small electric-powered pressure washer will do the job. Still, if you are willing to earn handsomely from pressure washing, you will need powerful equipment that can easily take you to the job area and bring it back without any problem.

Time is money, and pressure washer trailers help clean a large area easily. Let’s say you have to clean the parking area or an entire truck yard with a pressure washer; your regular portable pressure washer will not be enough. 

In this article, we will describe the things you need to consider when building the pressure washer trailer. So let’s begin.

Things You Need To Build A Pressure Washer Trailer

Building a pressure washer trailer requires some skills, and it is different from a truck-mounted pressure washer. Pressure washer trailers offer more flexibility and can do much more cleaning than regular truck-mounted pressure washers. You will need several pieces of equipment and components to build a pressure washer trailer. These are the essential items for the pressure washer trailer.


You must have enough power to do that when you are willing to have a pressure washer for fast cleaning. There are different engines suitable for pressure washer trailers. Still, if you need the best results with maximum efficiency, then a 688 cc, 3600 rpm honda engine will be a perfect choice to produce the power of 22 hp or 16.5 kilowatts.


A good engine is nothing without a good pump, and when you plan to have a fast and effective cleaning, a triplex plunger pump would be the best option. They have the highest efficiency and high reliability also. They require a power of around 20 hp to produce a pressure of about 5,000 psi with a 4.5 GPM flow rate. The requirement of an engine and pump can go beyond that, based on your needs.


Water Tank

Pressure washers require a lot of water, and you might not have fresh water everywhere you go, so it is better to have a water tank. Plastic water tanks are a must on a pressure washer trailer. The requirement of water is proportional to your pump capacity. You must have at least enough water for one hour. If you are using a 4.5 GPM pump, then 270 gallons or 1000 liter water tank is compulsory, and it can be more than your requirement.

Fuel Tank

A powerful engine requires a lot of fuel, and you must have proper measures to store enough fuel to power the engine for a considerable time. You must have 2 gallons of extra fuel in the pressure washer trailer.

High-Pressure Hose

Depending on the job, you will need a long hose to easily clean the area without needing to move the pressure washer trailer. At least 50 feet of hose is a must, but if you are not willing to be limited by the length of the hose, then you can have a hose of 80 to 100 feet.

Hose Reel

A hose of 50 feet can not be thrown randomly into the pressure washer trailer. Otherwise, it can reduce the life of the hose. A hose reel can do the job of holding the hose well. You can use a hand crank hose that requires manual effort to crank the hose into the reel. Spring-driven can pull the hose in the reel with a spring mechanism that can be activated by quickly pulling the hose. Electric motor-driven hose reels can also work by pressing the button. You can choose a suitable reel of your preferences.

Detergent Tanks

A detergent tank is also a must with considerable volume to have a powerful cleaning effect. You might have to use different detergent tanks that you can use on different surfaces, and it will increase your cleaning efficiency and will save time and effort.

Pressure Washer Trailer Features

A good pressure washer trailer must have high quality; other than that, these are the features that your pressure washer must have. These features are not directly related to your pressure washer business but are necessary for safe and smooth operations.

Tool Kit With Lockable Storage

There are lots of things that can break down or malfunction in the pressure washer trailer. You can have a malfunction in the engine, pump, or truck that you are driving, and for that, you must have a proper tool kit to solve these minor problems without any delay. Having a first aid kit on a pressure washer trailer is also necessary because it is no doubt a risky business. 

Full-Size Wheels

If your pressure washing business includes traveling a lot, it is necessary to have full-size wheels that can work perfectly in any environment. 

Spare Wheel

It is a no-brainer that you have at least one intact spare wheel in a pressure washer trailer with a proper tire-changing kit. 

Safety Features

Your pressure washer trailer must have all the necessary safety measures, such as Hitch chains, breakaway brakes, reflectors, clearance lights, etc., for maximum safety. Also, ensure that you install proper lighting on your pressure washer trailer. 

Weight Distribution

A pressure washer trailer requires expertise, and you must put the maximum weight on the front side of the trailer close to the vehicle. The heaviest thing is the water tank which has more than 75 percent of the total weight, and for best stability, you must sit in front. Also, consider that weight distribution will be different when you are driving with no water.

Final Verdict

You can buy a new or old pressure washer trailer that is entirely up to you or build your pressure washer trailer that requires expertise. A pressure washer trailer is undoubtedly better than truck mounted pressure washer in many aspects and has better cleaning power and endurance. Make sure that your pressure washer trailer has adequate safety measures with a proper toolkit and first aid box, and it is necessary to have spare wheels in case something bad happens. Good luck!

Jose Kelly