How To Put A Nozzle On A Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are powerful machines that you can use to clean various surfaces without much effort. Different objects and surfaces have their ideal pressure to clean them, and if you increase the pressure too much, then it can damage them. Similarly, using too low pressure will not effectively clean them, and nozzles are the best way to adjust the pressure of a pressure washer. 


A pressure washer is incomplete without a proper nozzle, and there are more than one nozzles that come with a pressure washer. There are a wide variety of nozzles with different pressure and streams, and they are suited for different purposes. Attaching the nozzle to the pressure washer in the proper way is very crucial to use it properly, and in this article, we are going to discuss the installation of the nozzle. We will also discuss the nozzle types and the nozzle you can use on different surfaces. So let’s begin.


Choose The Right Nozzle For Your Needs


There are different types of nozzles, and they are classified according to the angles of their streams. The most common types of nozzle are 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and 65 degrees. There are also different special types of nozzles, such as turbo nozzles and foam cannons. It is necessary to use the correct nozzle. Otherwise, you can destroy your surfaces. The best approach is to start with the wide-angle nozzle and test it at a distance. If it is not enough, replace them with a more powerful nozzle until you make the right choice. 


It is not recommended to use a 0 or 15-degree nozzle in the first place. You can also use a turbo nozzle to have a rotational water stream or a foam cannon if you are using detergent.


How To Properly Put A Nozzle On A Pressure Washer?


There are two main types of nozzles that come with a pressure washer. The first is a fixed nozzle that is a traditional design, and the second is a modern nozzle. Fixed nozzles require the pressure washer to be turned off if you want to change or remove them, but adjustable nozzles can be switched easily when the pressure washer is working. 


Installing The Fixed Nozzle


Fixed nozzles are simple devices with holes of definite size and geometry that control the stream and pressure. They are very easy to install in the spray wand, and you can put them in two steps.


  • Choose the nozzle that you want to put.
  • Now pull the collar on the edge of the pressure wand and insert the nozzle in the cavity at the end.
  • When you put it in place, release the collar and check the nozzle to see if it is secured.
  • Your pressure washer is now ready to use.


Installing The Adjustable Nozzle


Adjustable nozzles come attached to the pressure washer, but if you need to install them separately, then usually, they are installed by rotating. After the nozzle, you can easily change the nozzle by twisting the wheel on them.


Removing The Nozzle


Removing the nozzle is necessary, and if you leave the nozzle attached to the pressure washer, then it can degrade or be damaged. Make sure that the pressure washer is completely off before removing the nozzle, and squeeze the trigger to remove any pressure build-up. After that, it is time to remove the nozzle. Pull the collar on the pressure wand to detach the nozzle and gently pull the nozzle. 


Check The Nozzle Integrity


It is very necessary to check the integrity of the nozzle because if the nozzle is not working properly, then it can create a pressure build-up in the hose and pump that might be a safety hazard other than reducing cleaning efficiency. Moreover, it can also damage the surface due to disturbance in the pressure stream. You must check the nozzle integrity before installing them.


  • First of all, blow the air in the nozzle to confirm that it is not choked.


  • Use the pin or needle to remove any dust or dirt particle that is accumulated in the nozzle.


  • Make sure to check the nozzle for any cracks or visible damage before putting it in the pressure washer.


Effects Of Using The Wrong Nozzle


Choosing the wrong nozzle can lead to devastating results, and if you are not careful, it can also lead to surface damage. You can face these consequences when you use the wrong or damaged nozzle.


  • Using the high-pressure nozzle can remove the paint of your car and can also damage the plastic or glass.
  • Using a high-pressure nozzle on a wooden deck can remove the fiber that can cause the wood to get rough.
  • Using a high-pressure nozzle on vinyl siding can cause high damages that are expensive to repair. 
  • High pressure can also cause the removal of layers from the concrete, which might reduce their integrity.
  • Using a high-pressure nozzle for a long time can cause pressure build-up in the pump, reducing the pump’s life.


Final Thoughts


It is very important to choose the right nozzle for the right job and attach it to the pressure washer properly. Attaching the nozzle to the pressure washer is not too hard, but you must be careful. Before installing the nozzle, it is necessary to check it for any visible damage, and you must also confirm that it is not choked. If you do not know what nozzle would be best for your requirements, then it is recommended to use the least powerful nozzle and gradually shift to powerful nozzles till you find the right one.


Several things can go wrong if you use an unsuitable nozzle, and you can face damage on the surface. Removal of paint, reduction of reliability, rough surface, and pump damage are common problems when you use too-powerful nozzles for a long time. 


Jose Kelly