How To Rebuild A Pressure Washer Pump?

How To Rebuild A Pressure Washer Pump?For most technicians and experts, the essential part of the pressure washer is the pump, as it is the main component that regulates the flow of water and pressurizes the water so that it can clean the surfaces. The engine or an electric motor would be a waste of power without an effective pump. You can quickly build a pump of the pressure on your own if you have access to the correct equipment and know the method. In this article, we will discuss the issue of pump pressure and how to build the pump to work perfectly.

Guideline For Building a Pressure Washer Pump

Building the pressure washer by yourself may save you time and money. But the first part of solving any problem is to identify it. These are the steps to identify and fix any issue in the pressure washer pump.


The first step in building your pump to work well again is to find out the root cause of the problem, and the next step will depend upon these findings. If you have a warranty remaining on your pressure washer, it is better to avoid doing the experiments with the pressure washer pump. The companies might refuse to provide services if they find out that you have already opened the pressure washer pump. Most pressure washers have one or two warranties and if you are not aware, contact customer services to get support. The best situation will be if the manufacturer repairs it free of cost.

If you have low pressure in the water, it might result from the leakage or the clogging. Make sure to inspect the pump and pipes for clogging and leakages. Look closely at the O rings and valves for signs of leakages.

If you are getting no pressure at all, it might result from broken parts in the pump, and you should immediately begin the repairing process.

Change The Oil

Use the siphon to remove all the oil from the pump and collect it in the container. Have a look at the disposed of oil, and if there are traces of water in it, it might be the result of leakage. Replace the oil with the new oil and always use the natural oil in the pressure washer pump.

Check For Clogging

Turn the pressure washer on and remove the spray wand; now, turn the supply on and let it flow. If you notice restrictions on inflow, you would need to open the pump to clean the clogged pipes.

Clean The Chemical Strainer

Pressure washers that mix the detergent with water upstream are more prone to clogging due to chemicals, and the poor quality detergent will stop the pump’s internal parts. Unscrew the chemical filter from the hose and clean it with a brush or a fine piece of cloth. Reinstall the chemical filter and check to see if the problem is solved. If the problem continues, then it is better to replace the pump.

Replacing The Pump

You can build the pump, but it requires more professional knowledge and technical expertise. Moreover, making the old pump is not a reliable option if you plan to use the pressure washer for a long duration.

First of all, disconnect all the pipes and wires attached to the pump, including the inlet hose, spray nozzle, outlet hose, and chemical injection tube. Make sure that all the safety measures are followed and you are wearing PPEs’


It is better to use the same pump that you are replacing. Unless you know what type of pump is best to install, installing the pump with the exact specifications is better. Mounting the new pump at the same place by using the same bolts used in the malfunctioned pump. Moreover, ensuring to clean all the components before reinstalling them and attaching the pipes in the same place, is a simple yet tricky procedure.

Thus, in these ways you can turn on the pressure and check to see if all the pump components are working correctly and there is no leakage. Also, make sure that the water pressure is also adequate.

Jose Kelly