How To Start a Simpson Pressure Washer?

The powerful equipment for hard cleaning is Simpson gas pressure washers. The issue is that they can be difficult to use and even more difficult to start, but there is no need to fear since starting these pressure washers is fairly simple if you know the proper method. If you do not know the proper method, starting a Simpson pressure washer can be very difficult because they require several steps.

The fundamental starting technique of the Simpson pressure washer is the same as that of the engine, and in this article, we will go over each step in detail so that you can start the Simpson pressure washer quickly.

Why You Should Use A Simpson Pressure Washer

Simpson pressure washers are very powerful and can be used in any environment. These pressure washers are very easy to use and do not require much expertise. You can easily start them without any problem. These pressure washers are very powerful and can be used to clean almost everything, and the best part is that you can store them easily.

Starting A Simpson Pressure Washer

Before you start a Simpson pressure washer, there are a few things you need to do. Before starting it, ensure that the pressure washer is on a flat and firm surface. It is vital since starting it on an uneven surface will not only spill the gas but might also cause the pump to fail. These are the procedures to start the pressure efficiently.

Connect Everything

First, connect all of the pipes and hoses in their appropriate place. Connect the garden hose to the pressure washer’s water inlet and the high-pressure hose to the pressure washer’s exit. Assemble all the connections, connect the spray wand and trigger to the high pressure, and turn on the garden hose. It will remove any remaining air or dirt from the pressure washer. Squeeze the trigger until all of the air has been expelled. Make sure to remove all the air from the pressure washer; otherwise, it might create problems in the pressure washer pump.

Attach the appropriate nozzle to the pressure washer’s end. When utilizing a pressure washer on a new surface, use a wide-angle, low-pressure nozzle.


Double Check Everything

Check that the fuel tank has a sufficient amount of gasoline. Also, ensure that the oil is fresh and in the required quantities. If you believe there is a shortage of gasoline or oil, fill it. Only use the correct oil and gasoline with the Simpson pressure washer. Avoid utilizing any residual gasoline or oil from the previous year.

Before starting the Simpson pressure washer, ensure all the connections are perfect and secure. Also, ensure that all the joints are perfect and there is nothing to worry about. Do not use the pressure washer if you find any cracks in the joints, valves, pipes, or pressure washers. Ensure that your water supply can provide the required flow rate that Simpson pressure washers require. Also, ensure that the pressure washer stands on a stable surface.

Start The Pressure Washer

When everything is in place and ready, it’s time to fire up the pressure washer. Make sure the fuel supply is turned on. If the engine is cold, move the choke to the choke position. Turn the engine ignition switch to the On position and the throttle to full (left). Check that the pressure wand is not directed toward anyone. Pull the pressure washer cord until you feel resistance. Pull the rope quickly to start the engine. Repeat the method 8 to 10 times to start the engine; if it does not start, take a one-minute pause before trying again. Simpson pressure washers usually start in 2 to 4 pulls.

After starting the pressure washer, remove the choke, and you are ready to use it. Squeeze the trigger to relieve the pressure built up in the pressure washer, which is ready to clean.

Quick Inspection

After the pressure washer is started, there is only one thing left to do before you can use it to clean the surfaces. Check the pressure washer completely for any leaks, and make sure that there are none. Listen to the engine sound; you can also tell that the pressure washer is working fine. If you hear any unwanted noise, it would be better to stop it and check for the source of the sound.

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Things To Consider When Starting Simpson Pressure Washer

These are the main things that you should consider before starting the Simpson pressure washer:

  • Make sure to check all the connections before starting the pressure washer.
  • Secure all the pipes and ensure that there are no kinks or twists in the hose you are using.
  • Ensure the water supply can provide the required flow rate required by the Simpson pressure washer. You can easily check it by turning on the garden hose and recording.
  • Ensure to properly check the pressure washer while using and do not leave the pressure washer unattended when running.
  • Please do not pull the pressure washer rope without delay, as it can cause the internal system to trip.
  • Please do not start the pressure washer when there is no water supply connected to it. The water in the pressure washer also acts as a coolant; without it, the pump and engine can overheat.


Simpson pressure washers are extremely powerful and may be used in virtually any situation. These pressure washers are simple to operate and do not require any special skills. You should have no trouble starting them. Connect all of the pipes and hoses in their proper locations. Check that there is enough gasoline in the fuel tank. Check that all of the connections are flawless and secure. Check that the fuel supply is turned on. Move the choke to the choke position if the engine is cold. To start the engine, swiftly pull the rope. You may now start using the pressure washer. Make sure to apply it correctly and avoid using it on anything undesirable.

Jose Kelly