How To Use A Pressure Washer Without An Outside Tap

Pressure washers are powerful equipment used to clean surfaces efficiently but require a lot of water for their operation. If you plan to use a pressure washer in your house, you will need a garden hose. Usually, the pressure washer inlet is connected to a garden hose that takes the water from the tank, and you can clean it easily.

But if you do not have a garden hose in your home, it might be a problem to supply adequate water to the pressure washer. It is possible to use the pressure washer without an outside tap or garden hose, and in this article, we will discuss these ways. We shall discuss all the methods for using the pressure washer without the outside tap. So let’s get started.

Using Pressure Washer Without The Outside Tap

Pressure washer requires a significant amount of water that can go up to 5 GPM for household pressure washers. Because of gravity, garden hoses are the best options that can fulfill the required flow rate. One of the major problems in using the pressure washer without the outdoor tap is that pressure washers cannot create suction at one end. You can not place the water inlet hose of the pressure washer in the water source and expect to use the pressure washer without any difficulty.

If you do not have an outdoor hose in your house, then these are some of the temporary and permanent solutions that you can try:

Use The Indoor Tap

If you do not have an outdoor tap in your house, the simple solution is to use the pressure washer, which is the indoor tap. But there are some problems with that. Most garden hoses are not long enough to reach the indoor tap without problems. You might need to attach two hoses to connect them with the pressure washer pump.

Kitchen hoses are the best option because they are near the outdoor window. Before connecting the pressure washer to the kitchen tap, ensure that the tap can provide the sufficient amount required by the pressure washer. If the distance between the indoor tap and the pressure washer is too high, there might not be enough water reaching the pump, resulting in improper working.

You might need extra components to connect the hose with the kitchen tap. If you have a washing machine hose, the process can be quite easy as they are similar to outdoor taps.

Water Barrel

A water barrel might be a great idea if you do not have an outdoor tap. These water barrels are usually used to collect rainwater and are available in different capacities. You can find a water barrel of up to 100 gallons that can be used to run the regular pressure washer for one hour. These water barrels have threaded taps, a plus point since you do not need an extra attachment to connect the pressure washer hose. They have a tap near the bottom to easily push the water into the pump due to gravity. But it would help if you were careful when using a high-end pressure washer as they can quickly run out of water.

Using A Bucket

Buckets can be used as a temporary way to provide water for the pressure washer. They are not recommended, but you can use them when you are out of options. The main problem is that pressure washers are not meant to suck the water, and you will need a suction hose. You can purchase a suction hose from the market and must put the receiving end in the bucket.

One important thing is that buckets can quickly run out of water in less than 5 minutes, and you must be careful when using them.

Use Build-In Water Tank Pressure Washer

Some pressure washers can store the water in them. You can fill these pressure washers with water and use them wherever you like. These pressure washers hold approximately 8 gallons of water, enough to use for more than 5 minutes. If you want to avoid connecting the pressure washer with taps, this method will suit you. The only drawback is the amount of water that comes in it.

Use The Water Tank

You can also use the water tank that you can place at any high place in your house, which can be used to provide the water for the pressure washer. These water tanks have a high capacity, and you can connect high-end pressure washers. You can easily refill them by using the water pump in your house. The only drawback is the space as they require big space for their storage.

Things To Consider When Connecting The Pressure Washer Hose

If you do not have an outdoor tap and want to connect the pressure washer with the above-discussed options, then it is very important to consider a few things:

  • First, ensure that the water supply can provide enough water that the pressure washer requires. You can easily do this by connecting the indoor tap with a hose and measuring the water volume in a minute. If it is less than the requirement of a pressure washer, then do not use it.
  • Make sure that the water supply is consistent without any problem and that the water is clean. It is necessary to use clean water as particles may choke the pump.
  • The water flow rate decreases as water in the water barrel decreases, which can affect the working of the pressure washer. To remain in the safe zone, refill the water barrel when it is half filled to maintain the flow rate.


If you do not have a garden hose in your home, it may be difficult to deliver enough water to the pressure washer. It is feasible to operate the pressure washer without an outside tap, but the fundamental issue is that pressure washers cannot produce suction and cannot lift water. Suppose you don’t have an outside tap. In that case, you may use an interior tap, a water barrel, a bucket with a suction hose, a water tank, or a portable pressure washer with a built-in water tank, but be sure that the water source can give enough water for the pressure washer.

Jose Kelly