How To Use A Pressure Washer

How To Use A Pressure WasherI wonder how you will clean your house exterior that has not been cleaned for years and has multiple layers of dirt and dust. Brush and soap water will take forever to clean, but the pressure washer can do the job in a few moments. It can clean the dirt and remove the grease, tar, gum, and wax from the hard surfaces of outdoor environments. A pressure washer is a time and energy saver in multiple situations but should be used with utmost care. In this article, I will discuss the proper use of a pressure washer along with the safety and precautions. So let’s begin.


Selection Of Pressure Washer

Pressure washers come in different sizes and varieties. Based on their applications, there are units ranging from around $150 to more than $1000. The pressure washer can either be electric or gas-powered, and its specification is mainly measured in two features. The first is the psi, the pressure by which the water is discharged. The second is the GPM which is the volume of water passing through the washer’s nozzle in a minute.

If you want a simple pressure washer to reduce the cleaning time of your car, then a 2000 psi and 2 GPM pressure washer would do the job. If you want an all-purpose pressure washer for your home requirement, then you need no more than the 3,200 psi and 3.2 GPM pressure washer that can be purchased in the amount of $200 to $500.


Using the Pressure Washer

Pressure washers can clean objects with detergents, but they are also very effective when used with just water. There are various tips to adjust the spray. With the help of the information, you can adjust the width of the water stream coming out. They are generally available in 65 degrees, 40 degrees, 25 degrees, 15 degrees, and zero degrees, and you can use them according to your needs. Pressure washers can be used to clean a wide variety of objects, and these are the proper techniques to use them.


The Starting procedure

To run the pressure washer, you would have to make sure that it is appropriately started, and if you are doing it for the first time, then according to my experience these are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Set the tip at the wide setting and the pressure at low.
  •  Turn the water entirely on to blow out any air stuck in the pipe.
  • Start the washer and let it run for a minute without spraying the water.
  • With the washer running, adjust the pressure and apply the tip, and now your pressure washer is ready to use.


Using On the Walls and Floor

  • It is better to use the wide angle tip when using the pressure to clean the exterior walls or floor.
  • Start the water when the information is at least 5 feet away from the surface and slowly minimize the distance to get the desired cleaning effect.
  • Hold the wand with an angle of 45 degrees upward instead of head-on. Suing the washer head-on will squeeze the dirt in the wall and get harder to remove.
  • Grip the wand with both hands and move it gradually.
  • Try to start cleaning from the bottom and go up to prevent streaks.
  • Use multiple layers of water to get the even cleaning.
  • Remove the resistant, deep stain by using the low-angle tips.


Using On Cars

When you are using the pressure washer on a car, then it is better to use the brush and detergent

  • First, rinse the vehicle with just the water.
  • Apply the brush or wide-angle nozzle and add the detergent into the water.
  • Use the detergent water to wash the car and wait.
  • After some time, rinse the car with fresh water to remove the detergent.
  • Avoid using the low-angle tip on vehicles, especially glass and tires.


Precautions You Need To Take

  • Do not spray the water on power lines
  • Do not use the pressure water on any pet, human, children, or plant. It can cause some severe problems, especially in the short range.
  • Do not use the pressure washer to clean windows and delicate structures.
  • Use only the recommended detergent to use with the pressure washer.
  • Do not use bleach with the pressure washer.
  • Do not use the pressure washer on the ladder.



A pressure washer is a helpful machine and can do the day’s job in minutes. But it should be used with proper care and with appropriate procedures.

Jose Kelly