How To Use Pump Saver For Pressure Washer

The last thing you want is your pressure washer to be damaged before you even use it. Yes, if you leave your pressure washer unattended for an extended period. Proper pressure washer storage for the winter season is required to avoid damage, and if your pressure washer is damaged in the winter, you will not be able to cover it under warranty. Corrosion and water expansion can easily damage pressure washers, affecting their performance and integrity. However, with the proper techniques, you can store your pressure washer without issue and reuse it as if it were new.

This article will provide the information you need to store the pressure washer using the pump saver properly. We’ll also go over why you need to take these precautions and how to get the most out of your pressure washer. So let’s get started.

Why Use A Pressure Washer Or Pump Saver?

Pressure washers operate at high pressure, and there are seals, pipes, and connections inside that can corrode and degrade if they are not used for an extended period, and water accumulates in them. Furthermore, leaving water in the pump for the winter is not a good idea because freezing water expands, causing wear and tear on the pressure washer. This damage impairs the pressure washer’s performance and poses a safety risk.

How To Use A Pump Saver For A Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers are classified as either gas or electric. The pump saver’s procedure is similar to these pressure washers, with some differences from gas-powered pressure washers. First, we’ll go over how to use a pump saver in an electric pressure washer:

Using Pump Saver For Electric Pressure Washer

Because there is no engine to empty and prepare for winter, electric pressure washers are easier to store. You must maintain the pump and the pipes in the pressure washer. These are the steps to take:

  • Fill the detergent tank with water after cleaning it with water.
  • Now, start your pressure washer and run the spray gun for at least 5 minutes. This cleaning will remove any accumulated detergent in the pressure washer.
  • Remove all the water from the pressure and set it aside for a while.
  • To avoid freezing, keep the pressure washer in a warm, dry place.
  • Now, use the antifreeze pump saver in your pressure washer pump.
  • This method will save you pressure in the winter and allow you to use it again.

Using A Pump Saver With A Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

Storing gas-powered pressure washers for an extended period is more difficult and complex to store. Here are the steps to follow:

  • If possible, empty the fuel tank and run the pressure washer last time.
  • After adding the fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, run the pressure washer for two minutes.
  • Clean the detergent tank with a tap and fill it with water before inserting it into the pressure washer.
  • After attaching the garden hose, start the pressure washer. It will clean the detergent out of the pipe and spray wand.
  • Remove the pressure washer from the water supply and squeeze the trigger to clear the pump of any excess water.
  • To keep the pump from freezing, install an antifreeze pump saver.
  • Your pressure washer is now complete and ready for storage.

Point to Consider: If you feel that the results are taking a lot of time, check out the process once, as it could be a sign of your pressure washer condition. If you detect or found something suspicious in your pressure washer, then I will advise you to take it to any professional or the nearest store to get a professional treatment

How To Safe Pressure Washer Hose?

Garden and high-pressure hoses are easily damaged and critical for proper pressure washer operation. A pressure washer is only as good as the accessories that go with it. To properly store a garden or high-pressure hose, remove all the water from it because water can degrade and destroy the inner wall of pipes over time. It can also freeze and cause havoc.

Remove the water and use tape to seal both ends of the pipe so that no dust or debris can enter. Avoid twisting the hose by rolling it gently. You can tie the hoses together with string or rope or place them in a sealed bag. It is preferable to store them in a bag because it secures the hose’s outer side.

The Proper Place To Store Pressure Washer

It will help if you exercise extreme caution when storing the pressure washer for an extended period. It is preferable to use plastic wrap or a box to prevent dust from accumulating on it. The garage or basement are the best places to store the pressure washer, but ensure they are free of leaks or moisture.

You can store them in the attic if they are not too heavy. Rats and other insects can also damage the pipes of pressure washers, so make sure the location where you store them is free of these pests.

Final Thoughts

Pressure washers are extremely powerful machines that can clean almost anything in minutes. However, each piece of equipment must be installed after a thorough examination for them to withstand such high pressure. If you do not use the pressure washer for an extended period, water will accumulate inside it, which is the greatest enemy of metals. In the winter, pressure washers are rarely used, and water inside the pump can expand due to freezing and damage. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this problem is to replace the pump, and manufacturers do not provide warranties for winter damage.

This article discussed how to properly store a pressure washer for an extended period of time. Everything about electric pressure washers, gas pressure washers, and pressure washer hoses has been thoroughly discussed. It is critical to drain all liquids from the pressure washer, whether they are water, detergent, or fuel. We’ve also talked about where you should keep your pressure washer.

Jose Kelly