How To Use Soap With A Pressure Washer

How To Use Soap With A Pressure WasherA pressure washer is probably the best way to clean large surfaces without much time and effort. You can clean any stain with it, whether it is dirt, grease, oil, even rust. They are a great way to clean the outdoors and make them clean just like new. Pressure washers come in different varieties and have different tips for other spraying effects. Pressure washers can clean objects quickly using the water, but their cleaning power is often increased with soap or detergent mixed to create the best cleaning effects.


Why Use The Soap With A Pressure Washer?

Sometimes, the stains are so deep that they do not get cleaned using a pressure washer with normal water. Even the hot water fails to clean the stains. Now there is a choice to use the tips with the concentrated stream to remove the colors, but using it might damage the surface and in this case, using the soap or detergent seems to be the best option.

With soap, you can increase the cleaning effect and cover a large area in less time. The efficiency and effectiveness of pressure washers will also be increased. With the soap water, you can finally challenge the stain that refused to be removed by the regular pressure washer, and you can do it without damaging the surface.


How To Use Soap With Pressure Washer?

Of course, you do not pour the soup into the pressure washer to use. There is a proper process to clean the surface with soap. You should always keep in mind the manufacturer guidelines and follow these steps.


Fill the Detergent Tank With Soap

Almost every modern version of pressure washer has a detergent tank to pour the soap easily. After you have the tank, fill it with soap and turn the nozzle on. Otherwise, the soap will not be mixed with water when using the pressure washer.


Right Nozzle For The Job

Choose the right nozzle for the job if you do not want to put a hole in the surface. Many people overlook the nozzle part. It is better to use the wide-angle nozzle because they are much safer.


Turn the Spray At Safe Distance

You should not initially use the pressure washer from a short distance; instead, you should turn the stream from a distance and gradually decrease the distance between surface and wand. When you think you have the best cleaning effect, start cleaning from down to top while maintaining the distance.


Spray In An Upward Motion

Do not point the pressure wand directly to the surface but make some angle. The best strategy I consider is to point the want in an upward direction to reduce the streaking effect. If you directly pressurize the stain from the top, it will get more stuck instead of removing it.


15 Minutes Waits

After applying the soap on the surface, it is now time to wait about 10 to 15 minutes, allowing the soap to react with the dirt and stain while relaxing. The optimum time for reaction can vary based on the soap and stain type, and remember that if you are cleaning on a sunny day, you might have to re-apply the soap because it can dry.


Clean the Soap

The final step in cleaning with the soap is cleaning; you can use a high-pressure stream with just the water without the soap. For the best cleaning experience, use warm water, and it will take all the major and minor dirt with it. You might need to do it 2 to 3 times to completely remove the soap.


What Type Of Soap Should You Use With A Pressure Washer?

The type of soap you are using depends upon the type of cleaning you are trying to do and the surface on which you are doing it. Certain detergents and soaps are not certified to use with the pressure washer and can damage it. Using the bleach with the pressure washer is a big no. You should only use the certified soaps and detergents. You should also use them in proper care and as a last resort.Thus, here in the article, I tried my best to cover the topic. I hope you’ll like it.

Jose Kelly