How To Wash A Car With The Pressure Washer

How Wash Car With Pressure WasherClean care is the symbol of a good personality.

Every person wants to keep their car clean.

Cleaning the car is essential for the looks of your vehicle, but it is also vital in detailed jobs such as paint or waxing.

Car experts recommend proper washing at least once a month.

Moreover, cleaning it with a garden hose or bucket is not accessible if you want a clean car.

The best way to do it is by using a pressure washer. Pressure washers provide a faster, efficient, and easy way to clean the car without much effort.

How To Wash A Car With The Pressure Washer

In this article, we are going to learn about the ways by which you can efficiently clean your car.

Choose The Area

Of course, you will not pressure wash your car anywhere. It needs some proper space and conditions. The best place to wash the car is the outdoor pavement or driveway with adequate drainage for water. Avoid using grass or muddy areas. If you are in the garage or indoors, ensure proper ventilation in case of a gas-powered pressure washer.

Choose the Tip

High pressure is not recommended for car cleaning. The ideal pressure to wash the car is between 1500 to 2000 psi. According to the expert, using the electric pressure washer is better because it can provide this pressure range without much complexity. You should also use the pressure nozzle carefully. It is better to choose the low power nozzle. A 40-degree nozzle would be perfect for this job. For heavy cleanings like tires and wheels, you can use moderate power pressure nozzles like 25-degree nozzles. Using a narrow nozzle can damage the paint, but it can also break the glass and the side mirrors.

Inspect the Car

It is extremely important to have a thorough inspection of the car. Look for any damaged paint or dent. If you find any cracks or dents in the vehicle, avoid using the pressure washer on that area because it might cause more damage. Instead, use the brush to clean any visible stain on that area.

Rinse The Car

Now that the car is inspected, it is time to rinse it. Make sure to use the pressure from a distance and then gradually decrease the distance. It is not safe to be less than a foot from the car’s surface. Spray can remove mud, debris, bird dropping, caked mud, etc.

Use The Detergent

Now that your car is rinsed, it is time to coat it with the detergent. Use the recommended detergent safe to use with the pressure washer and the car. The detergent lifts the dirt and provides extended life to the car’s paint. Use the soap attachments to spray the detergent with a pressure washer. Leave the detergent on the car surface for some time to have a better cleaning effect.

Spray The Car

After 10 to 15 minutes of the detergent application, it is time to rinse the car with water. Use the pressure in the previous configuration, but you will not need any high-pressure nozzle in this cleaning part. A 40-degree nozzle would do the job of cleaning the detergent from the car surface effectively.

Wipe Down The Water

After cleaning the detergent from the car’s surface, wipe the water from the car surface because it can create water spots that can ruin the car’s appearance. Use a clean, thick, and high-quality microfiber towel to wipe the water from the vehicle. The towel should do the work independently, and not too much effort is needed. A touch-free work is always preferred in professional cleaning to have a uniform cleaning. Using a blow dryer or leaf blower can also work fine.

Touch-free dry is crucial if you are preparing the car for paint or waxing, and it will dry the vehicle more quickly and efficiently.


Driving a clean car is everybody’s choice, but the gadget which makes the vehicle cleaning effortless is the use of a proper pressure washer. Now you do not need to waste hours in cleaning your car, but it can be done in just minutes. Moreover, the efficient and satisfying cleaning is done with a pressure washer than traditional cleaning.


Jose Kelly