How to Winterize a Pressure Washer

The last thing you would want with a tour pressure washer is that it gets damaged without use. Yes, it is possible if you leave your pressure washer for a long time without using it. Proper storage of pressure washers for the winter season is necessary to avoid any damage. If your pressure washer is damaged in winter, then you would be unable to clever it in warranty. Pressure washers can easily get damaged due to corrosion and expansion of water, which affects their performance and integrity. But luckily, with the right techniques, you can store your pressure washer without any issue and reuse them like they are new.


This article will provide the information you need to store the pressure for winter properly. We will also discuss why you need to take these measures and how you can maximize your pressure washer’s life. So let’s get started.


Why should I properly winterize the pressure washer?


Pressure washers operate at high pressure, and there are seals, pipes, and connections inside the pressure that can get corrupted and degraded if they are not used for a long time and water is accumulated in them. Moreover, leaving the water in the pump for winter is not a good idea because, upon freezing, water expands, which can cause wear and tear in the pressure washer. This damage affects the working of the pressure washer and is also a safety hazard.


Types & Steps Of Winterizing The Pressure Washer


There are two kinds of pressure washers that are gas and electric. Now, the methods for winterization are similar in these pressure washers with some modifications in gas-powered pressure washers. First, we will discuss methods to winterize an electric pressure washer.


Electric pressure washer winterization


Electric pressure washers are easier to store because they have no engine that you need to empty and prepare for winter. You have to take care of the pump and the pipe in the pressure washer. These are the steps of doing it.


  • Clean the detergent tank with water and fill it with water
  • Turn on your pressure washer and run the water through the spray gun for at least 5 minutes. This cleaning will bring out any detergent accumulated in the pressure washer.
  • Now remove all the water from the pressure and leave it for some time.
  • Store the pressure washer in a warm and dry place to avoid freezing.
  • You can also use an antifreeze pump saver if your area’s temperature drops below freezing.
  • This method will save you pressure in winter, and you can use it again.


Gas-powered pressure washer winterization


Like the working gas-powered pressure washers, they are more difficult and complex to store when you are planning to store them for a long period. These are the steps for doing it properly.


  • Remove the excess fuel from the fuel tank if possible and run the pressure washer one last time.
  • Add the fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and run the pressure washer for two minutes.
  • Now clean the detergent tank with a tap and fill it with water before placing it in the pressure washer.
  • Now run the pressure washer attaching the garden hose. It will remove detergent from the pipe and spray wand.
  • Remove the pressure washer from the water supply and squeeze the trigger to remove all the excess water in the pump.
  • Add an antifreeze pump saver to the pump to prevent it from freezing.
  • Your pressure washer is now ready to store.


How to store high pressure or garden hose in winter?


Garden hose or high pressure can easily get damaged and are crucial for the optimal working of a pressure washer. A pressure washer is as good as the accessories attached to it. To properly store the garden or high-pressure hose, ensure that you remove all the water from them because it can degrade and destroy the inner wall of pipes with time. It can also get frozen to create a mess.


Remove the water and seal both ends of the pipe with some taps so no dust or anything else can enter the pipe. Gently roll the hose and avoid any twisting. You can tie the hose with string or rope or place them in a sealed bag. It is better to store them in a bag because it will also secure the other side of the hose.


Where to store pressure washers in winter?


You must be very careful when storing the pressure washer for a long time. Using a plastic wrap or box is better to prevent unnecessary dust from layering on it. The best place to store the pressure washer is the garage or the basement but make sure that these places are free from any leaks or moisture.


You can also store them in the attic if they are not too heavy. Rats and other insects can also damage the pipes of the pressure washer so make sure that the place you are storing is free from this problem.




Pressure washers are powerful machines that can clean anything in just minutes. But to make them able to handle such a high pressure, it is very necessary to install every piece of equipment after proper examination. Not using the pressure washer for too long can create a mess because water will accumulate in it, which is the biggest enemy of metals. There is not much use of a pressure washer in winter and water inside the pump can expand by freezing and damage the pump. Unfortunately the only solution to this problem is by replacing thethe pump and the manufacturers do not provide any warranty for winter damages.


In this article, we have discussed proper ways to store the pressure washer for a long time. We have discussed everything in detail regarding the electric pressure washer, gas pressure washer, and pressure washer hose. It is important to drain all the liquid from the pressure washer, whether water, detergent, or fuel. We have also discussed the proper place to store your pressure washer. 




Jose Kelly