Ryobi 2900 Psi Pressure Washer Review (2023)

ryobi 2900 psi pressure washer reviewIs your pressure washer not powerful enough for heavy cleaning in your double-story building? or do you want to upgrade?

If it’s true then you are going to need a pressure washer that is powerful enough to produce a pressure of around 2900 psi.

However, it is to be noted that heavy cleaning is not as simple as light cleaning because you are willing to get rid of the dust, dirt, and grime without damaging the surface.

Hence, to make your heavy cleaning easier-choosing a gas-powered pressure washer would be a suitable choice. The gas pressure washer can easily clean your porch, driveways, sidewalk, house, etc.

There are different models available in the market, but you should be careful in choosing them-that’s the reason why I always emphasize to research first and then go for purchasing.

Well, Ryobi 2900 psi pressure washer is a smart choice because it offers many other advantages and features. Moreover, in this article, I will provide you with every detail about it so that you can make a better choice. So let’s begin.


What Makes Ryobi 2900 Psi Pressure Washer

Outstand Others?

Well, this machine has many qualities that make it stand out from others, but the best part I personally like is its ease of use. Although the gas-powered pressure washer is considered more complex, it is relatively easy to use.

You do not have to change the nozzles, and it has a 5-in-1 quick-change nozzle by which you can adjust the pressure with one twist. This provides the ultimate edge and saves time for stopping the pressure and changing the nozzle.

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Ryobi 2900 Psi Pressure Washer Review

Ryobi 2900 Psi Pressure Washer ReviewAnyone who uses pressure washers will know that Ryobi is among the best manufacturers producing high-quality equipment with high durability and functionality.

This gas-powered pressure washer is designed to take on any cleaning job easily and have everything needed for that purpose.

Even one of my college friends told me that she uses this pressure washer for various surfaces, including cars, boats, sidewalks, and driveways.

Isn’t it so fascinating? Moreover, to our surprise, not only did it clean everything efficiently, but the cleaning duration was also considerably less. You can clean anything with it in half the time compared to the electrical pressure washer.

High pressure generally means more risk of damage to the surface, especially light and delicate surface but this pressure washer reduces these risks to the lowest possibility. Thus, I must say the pressure washer has exceeded the expectations of the people around.

Furthermore, it has a quick nozzle by which you can easily adjust the pressure without stopping the pressure washer. The soap nozzle makes sure that you can clean everything with perfection.

I after an in depth research found that we could use this pressure washer for long hours and even can continue to do the job without any issue. The company support is also good; they mostly answered all the queries or complaints without delay. But like all the other pressure washers, it also has some drawbacks.

First, it is heavy and not easy to store or move. The portability issue is solved to some extent by wheels and long high-pressure hoses, but storing it is still a problem. Also, some users complain that it was not so effective after not being used in winter.

Hence, I  recommend you to read the instructions for storing it properly. The starting procedure is also not very good, and it still uses the string system rather than an automatic start. Still, this little issue can be ignored when you compare it to the price and durability.


Extra Powerful

This gas-powered pressure washer has a 173 cc gasoline engine that can provide a pressure of 2,900 psi. Not only that, but it also has a flow rate of 2.3 GPM.

Together they provide a high cleaning unit by which you can clean everything from car and vinyl siding to driveways and sidewalks effectively and quickly. With high GPM, it takes less time to clean all the mess.


High Range Of Application

You can clean any area or the surface with this pressure washer because the electrical cord does not bind it. More than that, it has large 12 inches diameter flat free wheels, which you can easily transport anywhere in your house.

A 35 feet long high-pressure hose ensures that nothing escapes the water jet coming out of it. You can use it to clean any part of your house without any trouble.


Reliable Platform

Pressure washers are purchased for a long duration, and it is extremely important for them to be durable and reliable to withstand the weather and other conditions. If used and maintained properly, this thing can go for more than 5 to 6 years and is supported by a 3 years warranty.



  • High power and flow rate
  • Easy to use
  • 5 in 1 nozzle
  • High versatility and coverage
  • Secured by 3 years warranty


  • Not the best power-saving option
  • Not the best choice for minor cleaning
  • Require some training to use.


Why Should You Buy Ryobi 2900 Psi Pressure Washer?

This Ryobi 2900 psi pressure washer is a great product and can be used for tough jobs without any issue. It has many features that make it a perfect candidate for any situation. It is highly customizable and easy to maintain, and you can easily take it anywhere.

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Thus, now I have discussed everything about this pressure washer and how it works under different conditions. Moreover, after this research I can deduce that this pressure washer is considered as a mid-range pressure washer that is not very expensive and has all the necessary safety measures to use in small building. .

The pressure washer has an engine of 173 cc that produces 2900 psi for cleaning purposes. You can use it for any purpose, and it is an all-in-one solution for all kinds of jobs. It has a quick pressure nozzle selection, so you can easily change it.

In short, it has much more to offer than most users might expect, and it provides the price-to-performance ratio when you consider its long life and 3 years warranty.

It has some limitations, such as it is not so easy to store and requires complete removal of oil and water before storing for a long time. Also, the pressure might have issues when you use it after a long time, but it can be overcome easily if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Jose Kelly