Sun Joe 1450 Psi Electric Pressure Washer Review (2023)

Sun Joe 1450 Psi Electric Pressure Washer ReviewAre you looking for a low-power pressure washer that you can use to prevent taking your car to the car wash each Sunday?

Well, not many pressure washers are designed to provide a low pressure of 1500 psi or less, but if you are tired of cleaning your car or light surface with a brush and bucket, it is time to switch to pressure washers that can clean them in no time.

When you hear the word pressure washer, you might think of high-cost, high-power equipment that requires expertise, but not all pressure washers are the same.

You can get a suitable pressure unit calibrated for your requirements at a minimum price if you know what to look for and where.

There are many low-powered pressure washers that you will find when you go to the market, but it is necessary to do proper research first, so you choose the right pressure washer. Sun Joe 1450 psi electric pressure washer is a good choice if you purchase your first pressure washer.

In this article, I shall, with all my expertise and research knowledge, discuss every feature of this pressure washer with its limitations, so you know better if it is suitable for you or not. Let’s begin the analysis.


What Makes Sun joe 1450 psi electric pressure washer

Outstand Others?

Although it has many features in its inventory, the main thing distinguishing it from the competitors is its low weight and portability. It weighs fewer than 12 pounds, making it the lightest pressure washer on the market.

You can easily store it anywhere when it is not in use. Many people call it a handheld pressure washer, and they have good reasons for that.

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Sun joe 1450 psi electric pressure washer review

sun joe 1450 psi electric pressure washer Sun Joe is among the leading pressure washer equipment providers and has created some of the best units available in the market.

The best thing about their product is that they have more safety features and are relatively cost-friendly.

This pressure washer is designed for first-time users who do not wish for high power but want to upgrade from bucket and brush.

The pressure washer has all the features that you might need.  My colleague ordered it and to my surprise it came in an amazing packaging with a box of 12 pounds.

You would imagine what a 12-pound pressure washer can do, but it has a pressure of 1450 psi with 1.45 GPM that can efficiently clean your car, furniture, and even light surfaces.

The best thing about this pressure washer is that it is truly designed for new users and all the operations are simple. You can change the pressure by twisting the nozzle and having extra safety measures.

We tested this pressure washer to check the pressure, and all the numbers provided by the company are correct. You can say that they sell what they advertise.

The pressure washer has a high range of operations and can be used for cleaning anywhere. The 20 feet long hose and the 35 feet power cord ensure that you can use it wherever you want.

Besides that, it has many safety features. Sun Joe’s signature innovation, TSS (total stop system), is also employed, which means that the pressure washer will automatically shut down if too much pressure is built up in the pump. This increases the reliability and durability of the machine.

Sun Joe has addressed the users’ complaints and included a limited 2 years warranty in this pressure washer, which is huge progress. But the users still have issues regarding the plastic body that can break easily, but it is due to the weight reduction.

Also, the connection for the hose can get easily damaged if not used properly, and you must replace it. Overall, it is a good pressure washer with high performance compared to its price.


Powerful Motor

The pressure washer is powered by an 11.5-ampere motor that can generate a pressure stream of 1450 psi which is not much but is enough for most cleaning jobs.

The best thing is that it has a flow rate of 1.45 GPM, and together they create a powerful cleaning unit that can efficiently remove the dirt, dust, and debris off the surface.



You can use the pressure washer in all the environment without any risk of damage to the surface. It has pressure well within the safe limits so that you can use it on cars, decks, furniture, patios, vinyl siding, etc., the nozzle is very easy to use, and you can change the pressure according to your preferences with just a twist at the end.


High Safety Equipment

The pressure washer is very safe to use thanks to its different safety measures. It has a total stop system that automatically shuts the motor if you do not press the trigger for a long time.

Also, the pressure wand has a safety switch to avoid the accidental spray. Also, the cord is a GFCI power cord that is waterproof and safe to use. The high-pressure hose can bear a pressure of more than 2500 psi, which is more than the limit of this pressure washer.



  • Small and portable
  • High power and flow rate
  • Efficient working
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to mount and use


  • Not for heavy cleaning jobs
  • Plastic design is not very appreciated


Why Should You Buy Sun joe 1450 psi electric pressure washer


It is a smart choice if you are looking for a cost-effective and low-power pressure washer that you can use for daily cleaning of your porch and furniture. It has maximum efficiency and minimum operational cost. Moreover, it does not require any expertise and has many safety features that increase its reliability.

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Sun Joe 1450 psi electric pressure washer is among the lightest pressure washers you can get. Despite being so small, it can effectively clean most surfaces without a problem.

It has an easy-to-use nozzle that can change the pressure according to your requirement. It does not require any training to operate; you can even assemble and use it if you have not used the pressure washer before. The safety equipment and features make it perfect to use in homes.

It has a brushless motor, but Sun joe provides 2 years of warranty on limited components. However, it is not good for heavy cleaning and is not damage-proof due to its plastic body.

Jose Kelly