What Do The Colors Mean On Pressure Washer Nozzles

Pressure washers are an amazing tool that can clean anything within a minimum time. They are best for hard-to-clean surfaces and significantly reduce the cleaning time while increasing efficiency. Usually, the pressure range on the pressure washer is constant, and there is no system to control the outflow of water. But the main problem is that different types of surfaces have their recommended range, and you should consider that.

Using too high pressure on soft surfaces might result in damage, and using too low pressure on heavy surfaces will result in inefficient cleaning. You must address this problem correctly, but how can one pressure washer be customized for different surfaces? The answer lies in nozzles. There are different types of nozzles whose main purpose is to regulate the pressure and water stream. 

This article will discuss the functions of nozzles and what color means on pressure washer nozzles. So let’s get started.

What Is The Purpose Of Nozzle On Pressure Washer?

As discussed before, pressure washer nozzles regulate the pressure and water stream. Different nozzles have different opening areas by which they allow water flow. Scientifically, pressure is the inverse function of the area. This means that the pressure is enhanced when the water stream’s area is reduced. Pressure washers usually come with three to four nozzles specified by color. 

What Do The Colors Mean On Pressure Washer Nozzles?

The color of the pressure washer nozzle is used to define the angle of their water stream. The nozzle sprays the water at an angle, and the water stream spreads wider as it covers the distance. There are 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and 65 degrees. These are the color of these nozzles and their purposes:

Red Nozzle

It is the most powerful nozzle you can attach to the pressure washer. The red nozzle shoots the water stream at a zero-degree angle and does not expand. These nozzles are not recommended for regular cleaning, and when combined with a medium power pressure washer, they can easily put a hole in soft surfaces such as wood, vinyl siding, etc. 

The red nozzle is only used for heavy stain removal from concrete surfaces, and if your concrete or asphalt surface has oil or grease stains, then you can use this nozzle. But make sure to use proper safety gear and follow all the safety protocols when using a zero-degree nozzle. 

Yellow Nozzle

It is also one of the most powerful nozzles for cleaning heavy surfaces. It has an angle of 15 degrees by which it sprays the water. This nozzle is commonly used to remove the layers off the surface. You can use it to remove old paint from the metals and other heavy jobs. 

The yellow nozzle is not recommended for regular cleaning, but if you have a low-powered pressure washer and want to clean a hard surface, you can use it, but you should do it with extreme caution. Yellow nozzles are also used to remove the stain from surfaces. You can use it if you cannot lift a particular dirt or grime spot. 

They can easily leave streaking marks if you use them on large surfaces such as concrete or any other surface. Their best use is for limited surface area. 

Green Nozzle

The green nozzle is commonly used for regular cleaning. They shoot the water stream with an angle of 25 and are most widely used for regular cleaning. Green nozzles are also called flushing and are commonly used for flushing out grime, dirt, and dust from the surface. 

You can use them for nearly all types of surfaces. They are not powerful enough to damage these surfaces but have enough capabilities to clean everything effectively in minimum time. If you plan to clean a large surface, then a green nozzle would be best because it has a high water stream and does not create a streaking effect while cleaning while following standard procedure.

White Nozzle

White nozzles spray the water at an angle of 40 degrees, and it is perfect for light cleaning and wetting surfaces. The white nozzle is also called the wash nozzle, and many users use it before cleaning to clean any light dust particles. These nozzles are perfect for vehicle cleaning, and you can even clean delicate surfaces such as aluminum siding and windows when you use them properly. 

White nozzles are commonly used to wet the surface before detergent cleaning; however, they are not the best option for regular cleaning. The water stream pressure is too low to clean regular surfaces.


Black Nozzle

Many pressure washers also come with a black nozzle, sometimes called a soap nozzle. It sprays the water at an angle of 65 degrees and is usually used when cleaning with detergent. If you are careful about your delicate surface, you can clean them with this nozzle as it does not have much pressure. 

How To Choose Appropriate Nozzle Color?

It would help if you choose the right nozzle for the right job, and choosing the wrong nozzle might result in inefficient cleaning or damage to the surface. There are different criteria for nozzle selection, but if you are unsure, you should start with the lightest nozzle. Make sure to use a white nozzle first; if it is unable, you can go to green or yellow. Red is not recommended for cleaning. Rather, it is a special and limited-purpose nozzle.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed the purpose of nozzles in the pressure washer. We have also discussed various nozzle types and their classification according to their colors. The red nozzle shoots the water at zero degrees and should only be used for extreme conditions. The yellow nozzle shoots the water at a 15-degree angle, and you should only use it for heavy cleaning and paint scrubbing. 

Green nozzles have an angle of 25 degrees and are the most common nozzles for regular cleaning. It is the perfect balance of power and efficiency. A white nozzle is used for light cleaning or wetting the surface before cleaning. Finally, we have a black nozzle that is used for soap cleaning.

Jose Kelly