What Kind Of Oil Goes In A Pressure Washer?

What Kind Of Oil Goes In A Pressure Washer?A pressure washer is a special kind of equipment that can clean almost any surface. The pressure washer can go for years if properly maintained. You should have a proper inspection of the oil you are going to use with your pressure washer. The oil plays a vital role in maintaining the smooth operations and working of the equipment and preventing unnecessary wear and tear. Using the high-quality oil with the pressure washer can several times increase its life and performance. This article shall discuss the type of oil to go in the pressure washer.

Type Of Pressure Washer Oil

There are different pressure washers, and all of them use different kinds of oil. The electric pressure washer usually uses the ATF, Automatic Transmission Fluid. The gas pressure washer also uses different types of oil, and you should consider the manufacturers’ choice in purchasing the right oil for them. Some of the oil that the pressure washer use are highlighted below;

All Purpose Engine Oil

This is the general-purpose engine oil used in most automobiles and other equipment. These engine oils work perfectly at the temperature range above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you have the temperature below that, you will use a special oil to work in those conditions. It is essential to know the environment’s needs before purchasing the oil and choosing the oil that is perfectly aligned with the environmental factors. Also, make sure to read the users’ manual to have an idea about the working of the oil.

Non detergent Pump Oil

Some pressure washers work better with the use of pump oil. The non detergent pump oil sticks to the internal surface of the engine and prevents the dirt or filth built up inside the machine. It is best used in an open environment where the engine can be exposed to dust and dirt. These kinds of pump oil are now scarce because of the introduction of oil filters.

Pressure Washer Oil Purchasing Guide

If you are confused about what type of oil would best suit your pressure washer, this buying guide will help you out. These are the factors to consider when choosing the pressure washer oil:

Manufacturer Guide

It is better to consider the manufacturer’s choice when buying the oil for your pressure washer. All the pressure washers work the same, but they are designed to work under different conditions and need extra care for that, and there is no better way to know it than from the manufacturer.

Usage Environment

The usage environment of the pressure washer is also essential in choosing the oil in the pressure washer. Most oils are designed to withstand temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using them other than these temperatures, it would be better to consider the oil that can work in your environment.

Type Of Oil

There are two types of oil available in the market. The first is the mineral oil extracted from the crude oil, and the second is the synthetic oil manufactured in the industry by chemicals. Synthetic oil has better performance than mineral oil and is more expensive. It is better to use synthetic oil in a pressure washer.

Viscosity Grade

The viscosity is the resistance to the flow of liquid. It is an essential factor to consider in the pressure washer oil purchase. High viscosity oil works better in a hot temperature environment, and low viscosity oil is suited for low temperatures. Oil’s viscosity in a pressure washer is critical to consider before purchasing, moreover the high density oil is recommended.

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Hence, after an in detail research we came to a point that the oil in the pressure washer is essential to ensure smooth operations and work. Thus, the oil should be selected based on the proper guidelines, and you should remove and change the oil after every 50 hours of use. Please do not use the pressure washer without the oil because it can damage the internal parts. If stored for a long time, removing the oil from the pressure washer is better as oil for a prolonged time in the pressure washer might disturb the working and can damage it in some aspects.

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