What Kind Of Oil Does A Pressure Washer Use?

What Kind Oil Pressure Washer UseDifferent kinds of oil are available on the market. Choosing the most suitable oil with the pressure washer can be tricky or confusing, especially when there are hundreds of products and each one is labeled as the best. There are different pressure washers available in the market, from cost-effective to powerful. Similarly, there are many kinds of oils for the pressure washer that should be purchased on the basis of the type of pressure washer itself.

In this article, we are going to learn about What Kind Of Oil Does A Pressure Washer Use and how to purchase them?


What Kind Of Oil Does A Pressure Washer Use?

Pressure washers use oil in two different places. The first is the engine, and the second is the pump. The engine oil can be any motor-grade oil. The pressure washer pump also needs oil because, with the fast movement, the components of the pump can get hot due to friction, and to keep them cool, oil is required. There are different kinds of oil available, and you can choose on the basis of your pressure washer type.


All-Purpose Engine Oil

All-purpose engine oil is an easy choice because of its affordability and availability, and you can put them in your pressure washer if you are using them above the temperature range of 40 degrees. The best oil in this category is SAE30 oil, but if you face a temperature drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it is better to use the 10W-30 type. It is very important to know the surrounding temperature of the environment where you are using your pressure washer and choose the oil according to it. Choosing the wrong oil in the pressure washer may result in increased consumption and work ineffectively and degrade the life of the pressure washer. Please read all the user manuals and customer reviews before purchasing any type of oil for your pressure washer.


Non-Detergent Pump Oil

Many people prefer the Non-Detergent Pump Oil to use with their pressure washer because some pressure washers can perform exceptionally well with it. The best oil in this category is considered to be 30W non-detergent oil. This pump oil lubricates the working parts of the pressure washer and prevents the filth and minor particles from damming the ball bearings, and increases the pressure washer life. Non Detergent oils stick to the wall and lining of the unit and prevent the residue from building up on the internal surface of the pressure washer, making the working of the moving parts easier. Non-detergent oil was very popular before the oil filter made its way. There are not many varieties available in the market, and you might have to look for them.

Difference Between Pump oil and Engine Oil

Pump oil and engine are engineered for different purposes, and they both contain different additives in them. Motor oil contains the detergent additives such as magnesium sulfonate, pump oil has PDM in its compound essential for non-foaming operations.

Modern engines can employ detergent oil because of the oil filter that is installed in them. The main purpose of the detergent oil is to remove the residue that is building on the inside of the engine. However, the detergent particles are harmful to ball bearings and are removed by the oil filter.

Using the detergent engine oil without an oil filter results in the faster drying of the oil and the impurities built up on the walls. This will cause you to change the oil more frequently to avoid further losses of breaking down or acquiring excess buildup.


Final Words

It is important to keep the fast-moving parts of the engine cool to avoid overheating and prevent scaling on the surface of the engine. Oils serve different purposes in the pressure washer, and it is important to choose the suitable oil for the pressure washer. Choosing unsuitable or low-quality oil can result in the degradation of pressure washer life. However, electric pressure washer owners do not have to worry about oils, but they have a lower pressure range than gas-powered pressure washers.

Jose Kelly