What Size Pressure Washer For Two Storey House?

What Size Pressure Washer For Two Storey HouseCleaning the exterior sidings of the house is a necessary thing to do for at least after every three months. This will clear any dirt, dust, and grime accumulated over the year. Cleaning the house is essential to increase the beauty and attraction and is also necessary from the health point of view because too much dirt may attract bugs, spiders, and mites, and they can be a whole new problem to get rid of. Cleaning the exterior sidings of the house may take hours of effort, and the result would be uneven cleaning with a tiring back. This long cleaning can be done quickly with the help of a pressure washer that can clean all these areas with just a blow of water.

But the question is what would be the suitable pressure washer for your two storey house.

What Size Pressure Washer For Two Storey House

Various kinds of pressure washers are available in the market with different power output and operational capabilities. There are two types of pressure washers based on their power source, and that are electric and gas-powered pressure washers. The electric pressure washer is recommended for house cleaning, but they are somewhat underpowered in cleaning the two-storey house.

On average, the electric pressure washer produces a pressure output of 1500 to 2000 psi, which is insufficient to clean the two-storey house effectively. You might need additional things such as a ladder, detergent, and sometimes a brush, and you would have to reach the top to clean with an electric pressure washer.

All of this diminishes the idea of easy cleaning of the pressure washer. You can avoid all of this by using a high-power pressure washer.Gas-powered pressure washers are generally more potent than their counterparts. They are suitable for heavy cleaning such as a driveway or can even do complex jobs like gum or paint stripping or stubborn paints.

To clean the two-storey house effectively, it must have at least 2500 to 2800 psi pressure. With these types of pressure washers, you can effectively clean your two-storey dwellings.

Right Size of Pressure Washer for Your 2 Storey House

The right side of the pressure washer does not necessarily mean that the pressure washer must be large and bulky, but it should be powerful and effective in terms of power. Too much power and low power output are considered inefficient, so the optimum range, as discussed above, is 2500 to 2800 psi. Not only that, but the GPM of the pressure washer also matters in that case; in fact, it is the primary factor in the cleaning power of the pressure washer.

A good pressure washer will have a flow rate of at least 2 to 4 GPM. With the help of this type of pressure washer, you can effectively clean the two-storey building, but you have to be extra careful in using them because high pressure can cause damage if not used properly.

You can also make the job more accessible with the use of detergents and attachments. Using them will not only increase the cleaning efficiency, but there will be less energy required to clean the sidings. It is considered better to clean the exterior sidings of the house with detergent to minimize the growth of germs and bugs.

You can also use the high-powered pressure washer to clean the two-storey house, such as above 3000 psi to 3500 psi. It would help if you had to be extremely careful in using them because they can easily break windows and outer paint.

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Using the high-powered pressure washer is necessary to clean the outer surface of the house, especially if the house has two storeys. According to the experts, it is essential to clean the house at least once in three months to maintain its integrity and clean the accumulated dust. The best way to clean large surfaces is by the pressure washer, and experts recommend a pressure washer of 2500 psi to 2800 psi. The optimum flow rate of the pressure washer is about 3 to 4 GPM in cleaning the two-storey buildings. The cleaning efficiency would be increased several times with the use of surface cleaner and detergents.


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