Which Pressure Washer Nozzle For Deck?

Which Pressure Washer Nozzle For Deck?One of the most common issues with the pressure washing is that the first homeowner users mess it up the first time they use it. First-time users often use higher pressure than needed, which does more damage than cleaning. They think that more pressure will result in quick cleaning, but that is not true; instead, severe damage is left on each wand pass. Once these marks appear, people try to increase the pressure to rectify the damage, making it worse. This can easily damage the wood and deck to an irreparable extent.

However, using the pressure for the first time does not need to be that problematic, and we are going to discuss the proper nozzle of the pressure washer for deck cleaning.

What Is Needed To Be Considered?

First of all, inspect the deck that you are going to wash. Inspect the wood quality, whether it is hard or soft, then average. Does it need extra cleaning due to different builds in the past? The deck area is also critical in determining specifications of a washer. These factors help decide the pressure, Nozzle, or cleaning agent if required. You might need to apply the cleaners before pressure washing for high stains and buildup, but they should be avoided whenever possible as clean water can do the job just nicely. Try to utilize a larger degree nozzle first and make sure that the wand is at a distance from the surface.

Best Nozzle And Pressure Combination

The primary agent in cleaning surfaces in the pressure washer is not pressure but the flow rate. A specific pressure range is required, and increasing the pressure will not be much more adequate after that. The best pressure range for cleaning the deck is around 1500 psi, and you should not go too far beyond that. Similarly, the Nozzle has its value, and the nozzle pattern is critical in pressure washing. A 40-degree nozzle is enough for the deck and a safe approach, but you might also use a 25-degree nozzle if you have a stubborn buildup. Please test a small area in the corner to check the cleaning effect at certain pressure and Nozzle before using them on the whole deck.

Cleaning Agent

Although it is not recommended to use the cleaning agents on the deck, especially if the condition is not too rough, they can be used and are sometimes necessary. Use the pressure washer accessories and tools to apply the cleaner effectively. Using the appropriate Nozzle with the cleaning container can reduce the time to apply the cleaner effectively. After applying the cleaner, leave them on the surface for some time. Also, make sure that you are using the correct Nozzle compatible with the cleaning agents. After leaving the cleaner on deck for some time, start to remove it by choosing the 40-degree Nozzle. All you need to do now is to remove the cleaning agent. The pressure washer’s pressure loosens the grip of the dirt and debris, and the flow rate takes it away with it.

Using too much pressure on the deck may result in uneven cleaning and a damaged patio. Also, make sure that you have the proper Nozzle. The low-angle nozzles are not recommended as they remove the wood fiber and can damage the integrity of the wood. Do not point the pressure wand directly above the deck but use it at an angle that will help in reducing the damage and increasing the cleaning efficiency. Also, use the rod at a safe distance and do not go near 12 inches to the surface.


Using the pressure washer on the deck can be fun and easy to clean if you know the correct strategy. If you do not know what pressure and Nozzle would suit your patio, it is better to choose the wide-angle Nozzle and low pressure first and then gently increase it to reach the desired cleaning efficiency. Using the high pressure and narrow-angle Nozzle at the start can have devastating effects as it can result in uneven cleaning and a damaged deck.

Jose Kelly