Why Does My Pressure Washer Keep Shutting Off?

Pressure washers are an easy solution to clean any surface, and they can reduce the work from several hours to a few minutes, and you can easily clean without any effort. There are different types of pressure washers, and mainly they are divided into two types: gas and electric power. A pressure washer is an easy solution, but it can be very frustrating if the pressure washer keeps turning off. It can ruin your cleaning work, and if it happens frequently, it can symbolize bigger problems. 

Depending on their working principle, there might be different causes for the pressure washer’s frequent and unwanted shutting off. In this article, we will discuss why the pressure washer keeps shutting off and how you can fix these problems. So let’s get started. 

Electric Pressure Washer Keep Shutting Off

There is no way to diagnose the main cause of the problem without opening the case of the pressure washer but before doing that, make sure that the pressure washer is unpowered and unplugged from the main supply. Also, ensure the pressure washer is on the dry surface to avoid slipping or mishandling. 

There can be various reasons for the pressure washer to be turned off. 

High Pressure

Some pressure washers have automatic safety systems that turn off the pressure washer when there is a huge pressure buildup. The pressure buildup can be caused by debris and weathering on the inner side of the pressure washer. 

The solution to this problem is relatively easy, and you have to analyze all the pressure washer components to notice any changes or cracks. If there is any dust or dirt accumulation, clean it and lubricate all the components wherever necessary. If there is a filter system in your pressure washer, examine it properly and clean it. Also, check the detergent siphoning tube of your pressure washer to check for any blockage; if there is any blockage, then immediately clear it.


Power Cable And Wall Plug

Electric pressure washers can also keep shutting off due to malfunctioning the power delivery system that comprises the power cable and the wall plug. Inconsistent power supply due to a loose connection or broken cable can also cause the unwanted turn-off of the pressure washer. 

If the pressure washer turns off due to the power problem, you have to solve it; otherwise, it can immediately lead to severe consequences. Make sure to check the wall plug you are using and plug in any other appliance to ensure that it is working properly. If the problem is not in the wall plug, it might be in the power cable or machine plug. Check the cable thoroughly to ensure there is no damage or crack in it and if possible, test the current and voltage by multimeter possible. If the wall plug is not working well, you can easily plug the pressure washer in any other outlet but make sure to replace the wall plug. If the problem is in the cable, then it is better to replace the cable completely, and when you are doing that, make sure that you purchase a pressure washer-grade cable.

Unloader Valve

The unloader valve is responsible for diverting the water flow back to the pump when you are not pressing the trigger and does not allow the pump to build high pressure. The malfunction in the unloader valve may cause pressure buildup in the pump and lead to the pressure washer turning off. 

You can solve the issue by replacing the unloader valve with a new one of the same specifications. 

Gas Pressure Washer

Gas pressure washers can also keep shutting off and have different causes. There can be reasons for the same as electric pressure washers, such as high pressure, but the main reasons are attached due to malfunction in the engine.

Clogged Carburetor

When your gas pressure washer keeps getting turned off, a clogged or faulty carburetor is the prime suspect. And you should first check the carburetor when you face that issue.

Cleaning the carburetor is very easy, and you have to disconnect the cables and pipes after turning them off and clean the carburetor. If you find any carburetor components rusty or broken, you should immediately replace them to avoid further problems.


Check The Fuel

One of the most dominant reasons for the pressure washer to turn off unexpectedly is the problem with fuel transfer to the engine. Check the pipes, fuel cap, and filter to see if they are clogged. If there is any debris, it is better to replace that component or clean them. Make sure that there is an adequate amount of fuel in the pressure washer to operate it.

Check The Air Filter

The basic working of an engine is by combustion of fuel in the presence of air, and if your pressure washer does not get enough air supply, it will keep turning off. The purpose of an air filter is to keep the unwanted dust and dirt particles away from the carburetor, and if there is a high accumulation of dirt and debris, it will restrict the airflow.

Check the air filter, and if there are any signs of debris accumulation, you have to replace it. Experts believe you should replace your air filter once a year, which is very cheap.

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Final Thoughts

There are various reasons by which the pressure washer can shut off unexpectedly. The primary reason for shutting off the electric power pressure washer is the high-pressure buildup in the pump that can cause the pressure washer to turn off. There are many solutions to this problem that we have discussed. Gas pressure washers usually turn off unexpectedly when there is a restriction in the flow of air or fuel, and you can check and solve it easily.

Jose Kelly