Why Won’t My Pressure Washer Start?

Why Wont My Pressure Washer StartPressure washers are a handy instrument to clean large outdoor areas and surfaces. They can clean anything but in the home environment it is not necessary to use the pressure washer daily or weekly but they are used with long gaps normally. Similar to most of the mechanical equipment, they can malfunction if they are not used for a long time and are stored improperly. A pressure washer can make a cleaning day a fun day and efficiently clean the garage floor, deck, driveway, walkway, fence, vinyl siding or cars. But this can happen when you put out the pressure washer from the garage and it refuses to start.


Why Won’t My Pressure Washer Start?

In this article, we are going to discuss the problem and issues that can be the cause of not starting a pressure washer. Also we shall discuss how to solve them. So let’s begin


Stale Fuel

Not everyone uses the pressure washer as a routine and they are normally stored in the basement or store room for the whole winter. Leaving the gasoline in the pressure washer for a long time can cause the stale of fuel. Gasoline left for a long time can cause loss of volatility, combustibility and octane numbers that are the key factors in the performance of gasoline. The result is the poor performance of the engine or in the worst cases, failure to start. To avoid this problem, empty the fuel tank  before storing the pressure washer. If you are experiencing the issue then drain out the contaminated fuel, then clean the fuel tank with the Carburetor cleaning liquid.

Then drain the carburetor cleaner after cleaning the fuel tank and add the fresh fuel into it. Turn the fuel valve to on or open position. It is better to mount the fuel stabilizers to have better control over the quality of fuel.Do not dispose of waste fuel in the bin but contact the fire department or waste management to learn how to properly dispose of this fuel.


Clogged Carburetor

In the worst conditions, the gasoline can change into varnish or wax like substance that can accumulate into the carburettor which in turns restricts the gas flow into the gas chamber. This can also happen to the air filter that can prevent the pressure washer from starting. The best way to avoid it is discussed above and it is to drain the gas from the fuel tank before storing the pressure washer for a long time. If the carburetor is clogged then you can clean it with the help of a carburetor cleaner. You can clean the air filter with the help of a toothbrush. Moreover, you can replace the carburetor in just $25 to $100 with labor cost of approximately $50.


Defective Spark Plug

Spark plug is the component in the engine that creates a spark to ignite the fuel. With the passage of time, the performance of spark plugs degrades and it can get dirt, cracks, or some other defects. It is better to replace the spark plug as they are not so costly. Replacing the spark should be on your yearly maintenance list.


Bad Ignition Coil

The ignition coil sends a high electrical pulse into the spark plug so that it can generate a spark to ignite the mixture of fuel and air. Bad ignition coils can result in the lack of voltage that is necessary to generate the spark. With the help of simple spark testing, you can analyze whether the ignition coil is defective or the fault is in the spark plug.It is better to seek the professional assistance to replace the ignition coil


Broken Flywheel Key

Flywheel key is a soft metal that connects  the flywheel to the crankshaft. It can easily break or wear out by excessive use. It can also break due to high pressure or if the pressure washer hits a hard object. You can replace the broken flywheel key at your local mechanic shop.


Excessive Pump Pressure

This problem is common if you are restarting the pressure washer after recent use. The initial pressure built up in the pump can make the cord difficult to pull. This can be easily solved by pressing the trigger on the spray wand. Hold the trigger in the pressed condition away from you and start to pull the starting cord then.

Jose Kelly