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Jose Kelly AuthorGreetings readers!

It’s a great day to pressure-wash some filth!

My name is Jose Kelly; my family and friends call me ‘the guy obsessed with pressure washers.’ You will know in a while why so. Pressurewasherway’s mission is to lead you to the most reliable pressure washers to keep the stress of shopping off your shoulders. Whether you are looking for gear for everyday use or commercial purpose, something cheap or top-notch, a gift for a loved one or a recommendation for a beginner, an electric unit or a gas-powered washer, Pressurewasherway.com has everything you need. I like to call it a one-stop shop where you find answers to every problem. Again, you’ll know shortly why so.

Another incentive for creating this site is to focus on all those issues and challenges that I went through/still go through when using a pressure washer. Trust me, nothing is more frustrating than a machine not listening to what you are asking it to do. It gets even worse when you don’t know how to fix the issue either.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Because I am the guy obsessed with pressure washers.

I have been living and breathing with pressure washers since high school more than ten years ago. But to earn the trust, we need authenticity. That is what Pressurewasherway focuses on.

I post reviews and recommendations on the website after rigorous testing and inspecting processes of the products. You will not find me praising products I wouldn’t purchase for myself or recommend to friends and family.

Testing, Reviewing & Ratings

It’s not a piece of cake to assemble ‘best pressure washers for home use’ or ‘best pressure washers for commercial use.’ The gear I deem “The Best’’ and worth buying takes arduous research, dozens of hours of testing – sometimes even weeks – and expert opinions. I also rely on customer reviews and opinions. And If time permits, I visit neighbouring owners and other local businesses to learn what they have got to say about the models they have.

So, you can see that the process is fun, but it’s nowhere near easy or short. Days and weeks of time and energy go into picking the machines, and only then they make it to the list of the best stuff.

The same effort and time go into making guides. Each guide offers an outline for how we choose products of a particular category and how you should do the same as a customer.

As for the ranking and rating, gaining stellar ratings or top rankings is no joke. It’s too easy to grant the highest ranking to overpriced, premium units loaded with features that an average customer wouldn’t even understand, let alone use frequently. But, then, what will happen?

One disappointed customer or one negative review, and I am gone. All my years of hard work and hard-earned reputation will go up in flames. Therefore, each product gets the ranking and ratings it deserves.

I take into account my experience, experts’ interviews and random customers’ reviews. The gist of all decides where a particular model stands in the competition. The areas that I focus the most on for it are:

  • Quality and build of a unit (motor included).
  • How smoothly it performs at given pressure outputs.
  • How thoroughly a machine cleanses.
  • How many diverse application does a unit offer?
  • Accessories: number of accessories, their quality and utility.
  • How user-friendly a product is.
  • How long it can last.
  • Last but not least, the pricing, of course.

It’s a lengthy task, no doubt, but I am not complaining because it’s your money and my reputation on the line. You are welcome to check any of my review posts here; you will notice that they unveil all these critical aspects of the products quite frankly.

My husband thinks pressure washers are my first true love and marriage since a major chunk of my day is spent running my business and this website. Ah, the efforts that poor Jose has to make to earn authenticity and credibility.

Honey, you were the one who gifted me a pressure washer for my car a couple of years back. Three years later, that little guy is still doing great. I even rinse the sidewalk and siding with that unit; it does a convincing job at everything thrown at it. And it’s just an affordable 1800 psi electrical model. You see, that’s what you get if you purchase the best stuff – may it be inexpensive or pricey.

About the Author

You know my name. Jose Kelly is a person whose life revolves around everything great about pressure washers. I am the founder, writer and editor-in-chief of this site. I used to work part-time at a car wash nearby school to earn pocket money. It became an obsession in college. So, I took a diploma in it and did a few short courses related to mechanical skills. If you want to make me happy, lend me your pressure washer machine for a test drive.

To Contact Me

If you want a piece of shopping advice, a solution to a problem related to your washer or have a suggestion for improving my blog, you can reach out to me at contactJose@pressurewasherway.com