Craftsman 2800 PSI Pressure Washer Review [2023]

craftsman 2800 psi pressure washer reviewTo blast away months-old dirt and mud from your house or any other property is beyond the capacity of a broom. Not even a garden hose can be of much help in this ordeal.

Luckily, your cleaning tasks will become a cinch if you have a partner like the Craftsman 2800 psi pressure washer at home.

The unit is equipped with a robust engine to entertain you with its powerful performance throughout its lifespan. Unlike other gas-powered models, it neither makes noise nor requires regular oil changing and maintenance.

On top of that, the crafters have attached a large hose, multiple nozzles and a soap system to make it suitable for versatile cleaning around your residence. So, if you want the heft of a gas washer without the usual hassles, get your hands on this gem.

I have discussed its perks and privileges quite comprehensively in the article below. Keep reading; you’ll learn soon why it is rated as one of the best value gas-powered pressure washers.


What Makes Craftsman 2800 PSI Pressure Washer Standout?

Craftsman 2800 psi pressure washer stands out from competing gas models due to its quieter and maintenance-free operation. They have used a Briggs & Stratton engine and an axial cam pump along with innovative technologies to make it unique.

Besides, its starting and pressure emission aspects are also unproblematic, which further helps it gain an edge over rivals. Its good value for the money is a final piece that seals the deal.

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Craftsman 2800 PSI Pressure Washer review

Craftsman 2800 PSI Pressure Washer Craftsman pressure washers are synonymous with value for money, and this model is a prime example of that.

Although it is a gas pressure washer, it neither needs oil change nor takes much effort to start. The insertion of a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine is responsible for all this ease and convenience.

The roaring of gas pressure washers is a big put-off, which is why this one employs a unique idle down technology. It not only dials down the volume but also decreases fuel consumption. Two presents in one pack!

Another example of their remarkable craftsmanship is the inclusion of a maintenance-free, axial cam pump. The easy-start technology of the pump offers an effortless start – no need for the choke. Ha, the relief! It also expels higher pressure output than what you find in competing designs. It claims to provide a maximum pressure of 2400 psi @ 2.1 GPM.

Therefore, it will peel off dirt and mud from any surface of your house or vehicle. Not even daunting oily stains, algae and mould will stand for long against such an intense force.

Alongside that, the presence of a 25-feet hose, a soap system and 4 quick-connect nozzles give you the liberty to modify it according to the task at hand to get desired outcomes.

I appreciate the design of the handle too. You can easily fold it down to accommodate the unit in a limited space after use.

Long story short, if you want a gas-powered washer without the hassle of oil change and loudness, get yourself this Craftsman 2800 psi pressure washer.


Briggs & Stratton Engine

Craftsman 2800 psi pressure washer employs a 190cc Briggs & Stratton gas-powered engine. This alone says it all about its potential and longevity. Still, I would like to state some of its perks that I learned after use.

This isn’t like other gas-powered machines that require prime and tinkering with choke. Don’t even get me started on frequent oil changes, maintenance and obnoxious noise. With this one, you are thankfully going to say goodbye to all these inconveniences.

The engine comes with innovative technologies, including ready start and check and add technology and idle down technology. Thus, not only does the engine kick start in seconds, but it also produces 40% less noise. The technology also reduces its fuel-drinking capacity.

The machine boasts a 2400 psi limit with a 2.1 GPM. This proves that the unit has plenty of power to meet all your needs.


Axial Cam Pump

Another illustration of Craftsman’s signature craftsmanship is the addition of a reliable axial cam pump. This piece is maintenance-free and features innovative easy-start technology.

As a result, the unit requires little to no effort to get started and keeps the pressure output higher. So, I second the claim that it’s an ideal piece of equipment for domestic cleaning tasks.


Hose and Nozzles

Like many reliable models, this washer also contains a long hose and multiple nozzle tips to enhance utility. The 25-feet long hose is quite flexible and kink-free. So, its maneuvering and storage don’t put you through hell.

As stated above, you get four nozzle tips with a quick-connect system. They include 0°, 15°, 40° and a soap siphon hose. Whether you plan to clean concrete, pavement, patio, furniture, or fence or peel off algae, greasy stains and oil residue from surfaces, this washer can do it.



  • Powerful and long-lasting 190cc engine.
  • Quick start-up with no oil change and low oil consumption.
  • Offers higher pressure output with effortless starting.
  • Noise production is low.
  • Capable of tackling tough domestic cleaning tasks.
  • Maintenance-free, axial pump enhances convenience.
  • Economical pricing with good value for money.


  • Plastic part of the nozzle is prone to breakage.
  • Pressure hose wears out with time.
  • A few construction flaws in the design.


Why Should You Invest In Craftsman 2800 PSI Pressure Washer?

First of all, the design and overall quality of the washer are remarkable, considering the cost. Secondly, despite being gas-powered, it doesn’t require maintenance or make aggravating noise nor does it gives you trouble while starting it.

Lastly, it consumes less oil yet emits a high force to peel off daunting stains and grime from any surface in a short time.

Its modest pricing and overall good value for the money are additional benefits.

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Final Words

Craftsman 2800 psi pressure washer can be called an anomaly because it doesn’t have the annoying traits of a regular gas-powered model. Manufacturers have installed a Briggs & Stratton engine and an axial cam pump with innovative technologies to eliminate starting, noise, oil change and maintenance issues.

Therefore, the unit offers huge gusts of power to clean challenging surfaces without putting you through hell. This one also has a couple of flaws, but it compensates for the inconveniences with its great value for the money.

So, I advise you to get it if your requirement is a gas-powered pressure washer for home use, but without the nuisance of maintenance and loudness.

Jose Kelly