Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Review [2023]

greenworks 1600 psi pressure washer reviewsPortable and cheaper pressure washers are infamous for lacking oomph. As a result, they disappoint you big times when pitted against tougher stains. However, Greenworks 1600 psi pressure washer is an exception to the clan.

Its slim frame holds a huge amount of pressure force to blow dirt and grime away from a range of surfaces around your house. Its no-noise and no-fuel electric motor system is another benefit that makes it irresistible.

Besides, the accessories it homes allow you to accomplish anything from low-pressure cleaning to thorough cleaning without compromising efficiency.

So, if you want higher pressure without compromising on portability and affordability, buy this electric washer by Greenworks (model: GPW1602).

In the review below, we have thoroughly discussed its key features to help you understand the reasons responsible for its higher ratings. So, let’s dig in.


What Makes Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Outshine Others?

This pressure washer outshines other portable and cheaper models with its higher cleaning power. The electric motor gives an exact force of 1600 psi with 1.2 GPM to tackle regular car wash and multiple cleaning applications around the house.

Moreover, the flexible design with a smaller footprint can stand both vertically and horizontally to make its placement and storage easier. It comes with many handy accessories, but the addition of a soap applicator gives it an edge over many competitors. On top of that, its low cost and great value sky-rocket its appeal.

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Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Greenworks 1600 psi is pure convenience. It’s an appealing option for homeowners who want power within the budgeted range. Its frame might be small, but the amount of power it holds is admirable.

You get 1600 psi with a 1.2 GPM powerful water stream, neither less nor more. The cleaning power it gives can fight dirt from any surface to bring it back into its original sparkling condition in no time, be it your car, deck, patio furniture, driveway or walkway.

You will find the right spray tip for the surface at hand in the collection of accessories it contains. More impressively, you also have the option to apply soap if you are up against oily stains, thanks to the inclusion of a detachable detergent applicator.

Since it’s a pure electric model, you don’t have to worry about noise, gas or fumes. You don’t have to worry about a suitable power outlet either. Any exterior outlet will do because the wire has inline GFCI.

It accepts all the power sources in the house. Besides, its 35-ft length is long enough to let you clean surfaces from quite farther away from the power source.

Another appealing factor is its double-oriented, compact structure. The machine resembles a hand-carry with a handle on the top and a firm bottom.

A good thing about this design is that it can stay firm on the ground in either position, be it vertically or horizontally. Also, the shape makes it a cinch to carry the unit around from corner to corner during cleaning.

Hence, if you want a pressure washer capable of more than just light-duty cleaning without costing much, you should consider buying Greenworks 1600 psi electric pressure washer (GPW1602).


Cleaning Power

People often look down upon this portable pressure washer because of its size and lower pressure. It claims to blow a gust of 1600 psi with a water flow of 1.2 GPM. These aren’t mystical figures. You get the exact amount of pressure; not a number less, not a number more.

Therefore, the duo of PSI and GPM conclude into a cleaning power of 1920 (CP). Ask any homeowner or avid DIY, and he will tell you that the strength is enough to get rid of dirt and grime from a wide range of surfaces. It can bring back the original appearance of any surface, including your car, deck, driveway, sideways, outdoor furniture etc.


Motor & Cord

Despite being budget-friendly, the unit homes a sturdy 13-amp motor to tackle domestic cleaning and car washing every few weeks. It is purely electric. That means you are free from nuisances like noise, gas or fuel change and fumes.

The machine also liberates you from the task of locating an accurate power outlet. It comes with a cord that is a good 35 feet long and features inline GFCI.

The said property allows it to accept any exterior power source around the house. So, you can plug it anywhere in the house and conveniently wrestle with dirty surfaces that are farther from the power connection.


Accessories and Upright Design

The price and size don’t deprive you of handy accessories. The washer comes with a 20-ft hose, two nozzle tips, a detergent applicator and an ergonomic spray gun.

Some users might complain about the shorter hose, but the longer cord and other accessories eliminate most of your complaints. Thanks to the detachable soap applicator, you can mix soap with water to remove oily blemishes from any surface without damaging it.

As for the design, the upright frame is like a hand-carry. Therefore, you have the option to either place it vertically or horizontally. Its stability will not be disturbed in either case.

Also, the small body laden with a handle on the top allows you to lift it in one hand with zero effort. So, even if you are operating the spray gun with one hand, carrying it around in the other won’t be a challenge.



  • Lightweight upright design.
  • Enormous cleaning power to tackle household cleaning tasks and car wash.
  • Accessories along with a soap applicator help in thorough cleaning.
  • Hand-carry-like structure is easy to transport.
  • Electric motor offers years of use with minimal care and without noisiness.
  • Budget-friendly with excellent value for money.


  • Portability limits the length of the hose.
  • Not suitable for stripping off tough stains like lime residue.
  • A few complaints about its stability in an upright position.


Why Should You Buy Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer?

Here are a couple of reasons that I believe make it the best purchase for home use. These are:

First, it is smaller but holds a lot of power to remove mildew and dirt from various surfaces around the house. It can also make the exterior of your car shine like a north start without damaging its paint.

Secondly, the slim and versatile design is easy to store and move around.

Lastly, the lower price doesn’t impact its versatility and reach. The long cord with inline GFCI and multiple accessories makes its starting and operation a breeze.


Final Words

Greenworks 1600 psi is no doubt a portable and inexpensive model, but that doesn’t impact its capacity. The unit blows higher pressure and water flow rate to remove dirt and stains from a range of surfaces in a short time.

You will find the proper nozzle attachment in the accessories to prevent inconvenience. So, if it claims to be the best for relatively high-pressure cleaning applications around the house, trust that it’s not a lie. Hence, people who are looking for a pressure washer that can handle more than light-duty cleaning tasks and entails a cheaper price tag should buy this gem.

Jose Kelly