How To Use Soap Dispenser On Pressure Washer

How To Use Soap Dispenser On Pressure WasherIndeed, a pressure washer increases the cleaning efficiency and decreases the effort and time required for cleaning. But sometimes, using the pressure washer on its own can be a tough job, especially when you are trying to clean the long rusted, and dirty surfaces. Using the detergent or the soap with the pressure washer can increase the cleaning efficiency without increasing the pressure. That removes and lifts the tough stains without actually damaging the surface. Using the soap dispenser with the pressure washer can be tricky if you do not know the correct steps. This article will discuss how to use soap dispensers with pressure washers and the dos and don’ts in soap cleaning.

Soap Dispenser In Pressure Washer | Steps To Follow

There are two ways by which soap can be added to the pressure washer, and it depends on the type of pressure washer you are using. The upstream soap dispenser mixes the soap with water before going into the pump, and downstream soap dispensers mix the soap with water after the pump phase, usually on the spray wand.

If the soap dispenser is not pre-installed in the pressure washer, it will probably be used on the spray wand. You can use any soap dispenser kit to use downstream, and if you are not familiar with how to attach it to the end, consult a professional to guide you through this.

Soap dispensers should be used with a low-pressure nozzle or tip because using a high jet stream may prevent the soap from mixing into the water.

Follow these steps to ensure that the soap dispenser is fully functional on the pressure washer.

  • Attach the soap dispenser to the recommended place.
  • Make sure that all the connections are secured and tight.
  • Insert the pipe of soap into the bottom of the dispenser.
  • Attach the low pressure nozzle to use with the soap dispenser.
  • Use only the recommended soaps, especially if you are using them upstream.

How To Use The Soap In Soap Dispenser

Use only the recommended soap to use with a pressure washer. First, clean the soap container to clear any debris or dirt accumulated, then pour the soap. Most pressure washer soaps are available in concentrated form, so it is better to dilute them first. The usual concentration is 1 part soap to 20 part water. Make sure that you mix the soap with water in another container, then pour it into the soap dispenser. Secure the seal and insert the pipe into the bottom of the soap tank.

When using the soap on the surface, try the small area first to get an idea about the distance and pressure of the pressure washer. Use the low pressure nozzle to have adequate time for the soap to mix with water.

  • Clean the surface thoroughly with the pressure washer and leave the soap on the surface for a few minutes to sit and react. This will increase the stain lifting efficiency.
  • Now pressure washes the surface with high-pressure water to remove the soap buildup on the surface. Some pressure washers have the soap dispenser units turn off and on the switch, and to dispense the soap, you must turn them on.
  • After using the soap with the pressure washer, immediately remove the soap dispenser and remove the soap from it. Please do not leave the soap in the container as it can dry out and is much harder to remove. Moreover, the soap debris can go in the pressure washer and get stuck, resulting in a lack of pressure.
  • Remove the soap from the soap container and clean it with fresh water. After you have used the soap on a pressure washer, detach or turn off the soap supply and squeeze the trigger to remove the remaining soap in the spray wand or the pump.

Final Thoughts

Using the pressure washer with a soap dispenser is easy if you know the correct steps and precautions. Make sure to use only the recommended soap with the pressure washer, and do not leave the pressure washer with the soap in it as it can damage the internal surface and cause corrosion in them.

Jose Kelly