How To Use A Pressure Washer With Detergent?

How To Use A Pressure Washer With Detergent?Pressure washers are one of the most effective cleaning machines, but sometimes it can be challenging to remove the hard stains or deep dirt. Using the high pressure to remove them may not be the best option because too much pressure would not make any difference, but the chances of damaging the surfaces are increased. To avoid the surface damage and effectively clean the surfaces in minimum time, soaps and detergent are used along with the pressure washer. Water is a cleaning agent, but with detergent, the cleaning efficacy of water increased several times.

In this article, we will discuss the use of a pressure washer with detergent. So let’s begin and learn some new facts about them.

How To Use Pressure Washer With Detergent

Every pressure washer is different. There are two main types of pressure washers in terms of soap consumption. The first is upstream, which mixes detergent with water before going into the pump; the second is downstream, which combines the water with the detergent after the pump. The general principle is the same, but there are different pressure washers, and everyone has their own  detergent usage guidelines.So before using any pressure washer read the guide lines over it.

Choose The Right Detergent

There are many kinds of detergent available in the market that you can use with the pressure washer. Always use the job-specific pressure washer, and do not try to use the non-recommended chemicals in the detergent tank. Using the corrosive chemical can damage both the pressure washer and the surface. Also, remember the area where you will be using the pressure washer,if it is near the plants or in a close area, use nature-friendly detergent. Do not use the overpowering detergent; you do not want your car paint destroyed by using the concrete cleaning detergent.

Fill The Detergent

Most modern pressure washers have their soap tank in which you can pour the detergent and start using it. Choose the detergent you want to use with the pressure washer and pour it into the soap tank. Now close the tank and insert the pipe in the bottle down. Turn the detergent valve to the on position.

Proper Nozzle For The Job

When using the detergent with the pressure washer, it is better to use the wide-angle low-pressure nozzle because using the high-pressure, narrow-angle nozzle does not decrease the detergent application efficiency but also has a greater chance to corrode the nozzle.

Turn The Pressure Washer On

Now turn the pressure washer using the recommended settings. Please do not start to spray the detergent all over the surface but start by applying it to a small area and check the effect. Start at a distance from the surface and then decrease the length of the character and wand gradually until you reach the desired pressure. If you are pressure washing the car, avoid using it on windows or side mirrors.

Cleaning Pattern

Go from bottom to high if you are cleaning a vertical surface and from near to far to clean the horizontal surface to minimize the striking effect. When using the pressure washer on the surface, make sure to use it at an angle to have the maximum cleaning effect.

Leave The Detergent

Now that you have applied the detergent, it is time to let it react. The detergent may take 5 to 15 minutes to respond altogether. If you are using the disinfectant, leave it for a long time to effectively kill all the microorganisms. If you are applying detergent to clean the surface, 5 to minutes would be enough to get the job done.

Rinse The Detergent

Now attach the moderate angle nozzle to the pressure washer. A 25-degree nozzle would be suitable in that case. Start to clean the detergent off the surface by pressure washing; leaving the detergent on the surface for a long time can corrode or degrade it.So rinse the detergent evenly from the object.


Use the pressure washer from up to down to clean all the detergent stuck on the surface. Make sure that you remove detergent, and if there is any stain left even after it, use the brush and scrub to clean that.Use all tips and tricks  mentioned earlier for  using a pressure washer with detergent.

Jose Kelly