Pressure Washer Cuts Off When Spraying

Pressure washers are powerful equipment; you can easily clean any surface with the help of a pressure washer. The best thing about a pressure washer is that you do not need to spend hours cleaning, and it can do the job well. There are many components in pressure washers, and together they produce high pressure with efficiency, but a malfunction in any component can lead to improper working of the pressure washers. 

If you have been using a pressure washer for a long time, then there is a high chance that your pressure washer may produce some sign of malfunction, but it does not mean that you should discard it. With proper care and usage, you can use your pressure washer for a long time.

The most common problem with pressure washing is that the pressure washer cuts off when you pull the trigger. This problem can be very annoying, especially when you do not see any visible error, but when you start spraying after setting and assembling, it stops working. This article will discuss the pressure washer cutting-off problem and how to solve it. So let’s get started.

Reasons For The Pressure Washer Cutting Off When Spraying

There can be various reasons for the Pressure washer cut off when spraying, and it is commonly due to extensive use. With time, the components get degraded and can cause problems. These are the major causes of Pressure washer cuts off when spraying:

Faulty Unloader Valve

Almost all pressure washers are equipped with an unloader valve responsible for allowing the flow of water to leave the nozzle with high strength. Moreover, the unloader valve also directs the water flow, so it runs in the closed loop when the pressure washer trigger is not pressed. When the pressure in the pump goes higher than the engine pressure, the pressure washer is turned off to avoid back pressure. Problems in the unloader valve can lead to Pressure washer cuts off when spraying.

Problem With The Piston

Pistons are responsible for controlling the pressure retention and are attached to the unloader valve. Problems in the piston or improper working can also lead to the Pressure washer cutting off when spraying. 


Problems In O-Rings

Faulty rings may also be responsible for the problems of Pressure washer cuts off when spraying as they can cause leakage from the oil pump that can lead to a drop in pressure. 

Unloader Valve Poor Settings

If the pressure of the unloader valve is set too high, it will affect the engine’s ability to work. At high settings, the water in the pump can not go in a loop, and as a result, pressure build-up can cause the pressure washer to cut off when spraying.

Problems With Pressure Washer Trigger

Sometimes, when you think the problem might be in the pressure washer, there are chances that a pressure washer trigger causes it. You should check the working of the pressure trigger to see if it is working properly. 

How To Fix Pressure Washer Cuts Off When Spraying

If your Pressure washer cuts off when spraying, it might be due to one of the above causes. The best way to fix that is to seek the expert’s advice, but it can be very high in cost. If you know about the working of pressure washers, then it is better to open them and try to fix them. These are the solutions that you can apply:

Inspect The Unloader Valve

The first thing to do when your Pressure washer cuts off when spraying is to inspect the unloader valve because it is the prime suspect in this case. Open the case of a pressure washer by following the recommended procedure. You will need several tools and equipment to remove the unloader valve. There is a pin that keeps the unloader valve in place, and you have to remove it to remove the unloader valve. Do not apply too much force, or you will break fragile components. 

After removing the valve, check all the components, including o-rings, pistons, springs, etc., to ensure that they are in good condition. Replace any equipment that you find cracked or damaged.

Inspect The Piston

The next step is to inspect the piston. After removing the unloader valve, you can easily remove the piston. Check the piston valve to see if it is working properly. Make sure that you can easily pull and push it. If you find problems in the piston, replace it completely to avoid problems in the future.

Check The O-Rings

O-rings are placed on the piston valve, and their purpose is to avoid oil leakage from the oil pump. After long work, these rings get degraded, and they can not work properly. If you see any problems or cracks in the o-rings, it is better to replace them than fix them.

Change The Settings Of Unloader Valve

If the unloader valve is too high, it would be difficult to release the pressure build-up in the machine. Change the settings of the unloader valve to avoid this problem. It is better to check the user manual, or you can check the official site for the appropriate setting of the unloader valve. 

Check The Pressure Washer Trigger

Check the pressure washer trigger by removing it from the high-pressure hose. First, check it by blowing air from one side and checking if it is passing. You can also open it to check; replacing it is better than fixing it. 


In this article, we have discussed different causes for the problem of Pressure washer cuts off when spraying and the solutions to them. By following the above steps, you can easily fix your pressure washer but follow all the safety protocols. Turn the pressure washer off and wait some time to let it cool. If you are using an electric pressure washer, remove the cord and hose. Apart from these, the Pressure washer cuts off when spraying can also be caused by wand screens, air traps in the pressure washer, problems in the spark plug, problems in the air filter, problems in the water supply, and low oil levels. You can easily check and solve these issues to clean without any issues.

Jose Kelly