What Is A Cold Water Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are used for cleaning. Depending on the type of surface and the accumulation of dirt and grime layers, there are different pressure washers with different cleaning capabilities. Some heavy-duty pressure washers can provide a hot water stream that results in better cleaning.

These pressure washers have better cleaning capabilities than cold water pressure washers and generally have high pressure compared to regular pressure washers. The main question is whether cold water pressure washers are ineffective for cleaning surfaces. This article will discuss the cold water pressure washer and what these pressure washers can do. So let’s get started.

Features Of Cold Water Pressure Washer

As the name suggests, cold water pressure washers shoot the regular tap water and do not heat the water. These pressure washers are most widely used for common cleaning and have high efficiency. These are some of the features of a cold water pressure washer:

Cheap And Economical

There is no need for a water heating compartment in these pressure washers, so they are very cheap and economical compared to hot water pressure washers. Nearly all pressure washers are available in the market for household use. You can buy them easily at nearly half the price of the hot water pressure washer.

Compact And Easy To Move

Cold water pressure washers, especially the electric power pressure washer, are very compact and have less weight than hot water pressure washers. They are easy to store and move, and you can take them anywhere without any problem.

Easy To Use

These pressure washers are very easy to use and can be used without any issue. Most cold water pressure washers are electric powered and can be used without any problem. They are plug and use, and there is no complex procedure to use them.


How Does The Cold Water Pressure Washer Clean The Surface?

Cold water pressure washers are powerful machines that can clean most surfaces without any problem. These pressure washers clean the surface based on two principles.


The main cleaning mechanism of the pressure washer is based on agitation. The impact causes the dirt and grime particles to lift when water strikes the surface with high pressure. Two factors have a direct impact on agitation, and these are pressure and flow rate. Both of these parameters directly affect the cleaning capabilities of the pressure washer. However, it is recommended not to use a higher pressure than the required range. The concept of cleaning is very important in this case. It is the product of pressure and flow rate.

The garden hose has a pressure of 50 psi and a flow rate of 5 GPM. Therefore their cleaning unit is 250 cu. However, pressure washers have a pressure of more than 1500 psi with a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, which makes their cleaning unit approximately 2250 cu.

Before purchasing, you must consider the agitation capabilities of a pressure washer.

Chemical Lifting

This process is also known as soap action or detergent action. Every pressure washer is equipped with detergent attachments in which you can pour the appropriate cleaning agent. These cleaning agents react with the dust, dirt, and grime layers on the surface, and you can lift them more easily. There are different types of detergents available in the market to use with pressure washers, and you can select them based on the type of surface and stain you are trying to clean. The cleaning capabilities increase significantly when you use chemicals in the pressure washer and can easily lift hard-to-wash layers of oil and grease.

Why Should You Get A Cold Water Pressure Washer?

There are many reasons why you should get a cold water pressure washer. These pressure washers are very easy to use, and if you are looking for them for household purposes, they are a perfect choice. There is no hard cleaning when you want to use them for household purposes.

You can even use the detergents to produce a nearly comparable cleaning effect as the hot water pressure washer.


Where Cold Water Pressure Washer Might Not Be The Best Answer

Cold water pressure washers can provide similar cleaning capabilities to hot water pressure washers, but they are not for quick cleaning dirty places. If you are a professional pressure washer cleaner, choose the hot water pressure washer to save your precious time. Hot water is required for cleaning engines, automotive parts, or anything containing oil or grease. Hot water, like the dishes in your sink, “dissolves” grease and filth; cold water pushes it about.

On the other hand, a cold water pressure washer is ideal for blasting away sand, caked-on dirt, or even removing paint. When used with detergent, a cold water pressure washer may be quite successful in various applications. The primary difference is that whatever cold water cleans, hot water cleans better and faster.

However, because of the intricacy of heating hot water while under pressure, hot water pressure washers can occasionally cost up to twice as much. Hot water pressure washers also need extra preventative maintenance, such as annual tune-ups for the burner assembly, coil, and redundant excess-pressure protection. But they readily save an amount in labor savings by delivering a faster, more efficient pressure washing approach. Furthermore, less detergent is used because the water is pumped through the machine at such a high pace, saving you even more money.

Final Thoughts

This article discusses the full working of the cold water pressure washer and why these pressure washers are a better option for household needs. When compared to hot water pressure washers, they are far less expensive. Cold water pressure washers, particularly electric power pressure washers, are much smaller and lighter than hot water pressure washers. These pressure washers are very simple to operate and may be used without difficulty.

The pressure washer’s principal cleaning method is based on agitation, and you may also add detergent for improved cleaning. If you are a professional pressure washer cleaner, you should use a hot water pressure washer to save time since everything that a cold water pressure washer can clean; a hot water pressure washer can clean more efficiently.

Jose Kelly