Briggs Stratton 1800 Psi Pressure Washer Review (2023)

Briggs Stratton 1800 Psi Pressure Washer ReviewsWho doesn’t wish for a pressure washer that can be used for years without any problem? Well, not many pressure washers can achieve this feat, and many of them start to create problems in the first or second year of their purchase.

Purchasing a pressure washer for home is not easy, especially when looking for a durable and reliable platform that can perform well for many years. House cleaning is necessary, especially the outer part of the house, including the outer wall, deck patio parking area, etc.

Leaving the cleaning the house for too long causes germs to thrive and create odor insects and health issues.

However, you can effectively clean the house in one or an hour with a pressure washer, but the main question is what type of pressure washer to purchase.

There are many solutions, but if you want the best, you must do some research first. To save you from trouble, I have brought you Briggs and Stratton 1800psi electric pressure washer that can be your next cleaning companion.

We will drive into it and analyze every detail, so you know all its qualities and drawback

Let’s begin our analysis.


What makes Briggs And Stratton 1800 Psi Electric Pressure Washer stand out from others?

Many things make it difficult for its competitor, but the use of the latest technology, especially in the motor, is super exciting to know. The company has incorporated all its research into designing a fail-proof motor that can work under extreme loads without providing any reason for complaint, and this feature is what truly stands it apart from the crowd.

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Briggs And Stratton 1800 Psi Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

briggs and stratton 1800 psi electric pressure washer Briggs and Stratton are synonymous with high quality and high strands of the machine. According to my research and testing this pressure washer is designed for general use and has high durability and reliability compared to a competitor.

My friend used this pressure washer on multiple objects, and the result was good and convincing. Some users even claim that they used this pressure washer on the sidewalk, and it does a good job on the surface for which it is not even rated.

I even myself tried to use it on siding, but it proved effective only with the turbo nozzle and low distance.

Of course, it is not a recommended technique, but the pressure washer rated for heavy cleaning is double its price. The turbo nozzle of the pressure washer enables it to produce a high-pressure stream that can extract any debris. Moreover, the soap nozzle and soap tank can easily clean your car like new without any problem.

The pressure washer has many features to prove its worth, and it has the best performance compared to its price due to its long life. It comes with a high-pressure hose of 20 feet, and the cord length is 25 feet.

The cord is certified as the high power pressure washer and minimizes electrical hazards. However, the plastic design of the holster is not very cool and can quickly break if not properly used. It has high portability, and the handle can be retracted after use to reduce its profile.


High pressure and flow rate

The pressure washer can produce the pressure of 1800 psi, and with that pressure, you can easily clean anything ranging from siding to deck patio to furniture and boat car. It HAS A FLOW RATE OF 1.2 GPM which is not too high, and you can clean your whole house without running out of water.


Adjustable and Customizable

The user can easily control the pressure and flow rate using different nozzles. You can use a regular or tube nozzle for a 40 percent better cleaning. The pressure washer also gives the user the advantage of using the soap with water in the pump for better mixing and cleaning.


High Durability of motor

Briggs and Stratton have used the universal motor design created from years of innovation. It has a brushless motor immune to breakdown, and you can clean with it for years without malfunctioning.

The high life of the motor is the main reason for their wide acceptance. More than that, the metal frame ensures that the pressure washer can withstand minor damages from mishandling.


Easy to use:

The pressure washer is very easy to use; you have to make the connection and use it. There are no hard and fast rules to assemble and use. You must connect the hose and plug the cord. The pressure washer thus can be easily turned on, and there is little to learn and understand in this context.


  • High pressure for electrical pressure washer
  • Durable and reliable
  • High range of attachments available
  • Turbo nozzles take their cleaning capabilities beyond the limits
  • Very easy to assemble and use


  • The holster is made of plastic that can easily break
  • The range of the cord limits a pressure washer


Why should you buy Briggs And Stratton 1800 Psi Electric Pressure Washer?

If you believe in one-time spending on the product rather than purchasing more over time, then this pressure washer is designed for you. It has maximum reliability, and Durability mainly comes from the high-quality motor.

The user can use the pressure washer everywhere without any problem, and it has a higher value for money than most of the competitors.


Final Thoughts

This pressure is among the best pressure washers designed for home needs. The best thing about this unit is that it is extremely reliable. You can use it for years without the need for replacement.

This machine has many features, including a high range of applications, a high range of attachments, high efficiency, and easy usage. You can clean your home with this pressure washer in just 2 units of electricity, which is more than many competitors.

However, it is not too good with its plastic component, and the hose holster can easily break, but it can be easily replaced by a metal component and will be ready for use once again.

Jose Kelly