How To Fix A Pressure Washer Pump

How To Fix A Pressure Washer PumpEverything used eventually wears out or gets old, but you can extend your life with the correct strategy and working principles. The same goes with the pressure washer. They are used to clean the surfaces with high pressure and require a pump powered by a motor or an engine. There are various pump components in the pressure washer, and any problem in any of the features might cause the pump issues.

This article will address all of the issues regarding the pump, and we shall also discuss how to avoid and fix them if possible.

Common Pump Issues

These are the common pump issues in the pressure washer with their possible solution. Here we are going to decode each and every problem.

Water Leakage

Water leakage is one of the most common problems in the pressure washer pump. There can be various causes of the water leakage, and they should be repaired quickly without any delay as the water can go into the critical components and damage them. The lousy water seals or the packing are the primary cause. Also, inspect in case of any damage or cracks in the check valves or plunger. Replace the parts causing the problem and make sure to do the services whenever possible.

Oil Color Change

When you change the oil and notice the shift in color from its original or usual color, there are chances of water contamination in the oil chamber. If you encounter this kind of problem, this must be fixed immediately because it damages the inner part of the pumps. Drain the oil from the chamber and look for the damaged oil seal or the broken pieces that can be replaced.

Internal Pump Head Damage

Due to the constant working of the pump, the internal components may get corrupted or wear out; this can cause the malfunctioning fitting and working of the pump, especially in the brass head. In most cases, repairing the pump in that condition is useless, and it is better to replace the complete pump.

Pump Meltdown

The pump can even melt down from the inside due to working for too long without the water. If the pump is left on for a long time, even with water, then the internal moving parts can get extremely hot, and this causes the bending and even the meltdown. Leaving the pump open without the water increases the chances of pump meltdown several times, and fixing the pump in this situation is not feasible and reliable. Therefore, the best option is to change the damaged parts.

Loss Of Oil

If the pressure washer is making some harsh noises coming from the pump, it is probably due to the lack of oil in the pump. The result is the loss of pressure in the water. Pour some fresh oil into the oil end, and if the problem continues, there might be several reasons for that. The first is the damaged part that you have to identify and replace. The second reason is low-quality oil that gets hot quickly and does not provide needed properties in the pump.

Frozen Pump

This is a common issue that occurs due to negligence in the storage of the pressure washer. If the water is left inside the pressure washer pump during the winter, then it can cause damage to the internal parts of the pump. The water expands when frozen, but the metal shrinks, so the water inside the pump expands and damages the structural integrity of the pump. If you have encountered this problem, it is better to examine the pump closely to look for damages; the parts such as the plunger or check valves should be replaced in case of any damage. Most companies provide lifetime replacement offers, so it is the best time to avail themselves.

Wrap Up

In this article, we have discussed the common issues of the pump and their possible solution. Pumps are the essential part of the pressure washer because it defines it. It is always recommended to replace the damaged parts of the pump in the pressure washer because they go through a lot of pressure, and their reliability is reduced by repairing.

Jose Kelly