How To Use Sun Joe Pressure Washer

How Use Sun Joe Pressure WasherSun Joe pressure washer is an electrically powered cleaning device designed to clean the longtime neglected outdoors and patios. It is powered by an 1800 watt motor that produces water pressure of about 2030 psi at 1.76 GPM. This feature is not enough when compared to a heavy-duty gas-powered pressure washer, but it is the respected pressure washer that is lightweight at just 28 pounds. It provides enough power to clean the tar, dirt, grease, oil stains, caked mud, rust from steel, paint, and pigment of the surfaces. The pressure washer is designed for high mobility and has a wheel mounted on the rear. It is an excellent car cleaning machine and offers two detergent tanks with 900 ml each. The user can quickly switch the detergent with a simple dial.


It has a 34 inches spray wand that is easy to use. It also has the support of 5 different tips with variable angles. The pressure washer is provided by a 20 feet pressure hose to ensure the water supply and has a 34 feet power cable with a waterproof plugging system that is safe and easy to use. It also has a TSS (Total Stop System) that shuts the pressure washer off when it is not used for some time to avoid pressure building up.


How To Use The Pressure Washer?

The use of a sun joe pressure washer is so simple that it can be used with little training. These are simple steps of using the Sun Joe pressure washer.

  • First, use one of the five tips available with the pressure washer. Zero degrees orange nozzle, 15-degree yellow nozzle, 25-degree green nozzle, 40-degree gray nozzle, and 50-degree black nozzle. If you are unsure what type of nozzle would be the best, start by using the black and gradually decrease the angle to reach the best results.
  • Connect the power cord into the reliable power supply inside the house or the garage.
  • Connect the hose with the garden tap and connect the other side with the pressure washer
  • Tight the pressure hose by moving counterclockwise
  • The pressure is ready to be used.
  • Turn it on and start using it.
  • Use the want at about a 45-degree angle relative to the surface; if you directly pressure it from the top, there are chances that by water pressure, the dirt goes deep into the surface
  • On the vertical surface, use the pressure washer from down to up.
  • When you do not know the pressure and cleaning effect, start the pressure washer at a safe distance from the surface and gradually decrease the gap to reach the best cleaning effect. Too close to the surface will remove the surface layers, and if too far, the cleaning would not be effective.
  • If you are using the detergent, make sure to use the pressure washer-compatible detergent and turn on the knob of the detergent. Otherwise, it will not be used.


The Use Of Tip

  • Orange-tip is used to remove the paint or layers
  • The yellow tip is used to clean the grease and oil from the surface
  • Green tip is used for heavy cleaning of patio and wall
  • Gray tip is used for general cleaning
  • Blacktip is used for delicate surface cleaning, such as a car.


Safety Precaution

Although there are many safety features already installed in the pressure, this does not mean there is no need for safety precautions. These safety precautions must be followed when using the pressure washer.

  • Do not plug the pressure washer into the damaged power supply
  • Thoroughly check the power cord to point out any damage before use
  • Do not use the sharp angle tips unless necessary
  • Do not point a pressure washer to the person or pet.
  • Do not use the unauthentic hose to supply the water to the pressure washer
  • Always use the recommended detergents with the pressure washer.
  • Do not use the pressure washer to clean the windows of the house or car.
  • Do not use the pressure washer on a ladder or unstable position.


Final Verdicts

Sun Joe pressure washer is not the most powerful pressure washer around, but it is ideal for most household needs because it is lightweight, easy to use, and safer than the gas-powered pressure washer. It has a power output compared to other pressure washers and can be used to clean a wide variety of objects and surfaces.

Jose Kelly