How To Keep Pressure Washer From Freezing

Pressure washers can handle high pressure and are tough. You can clean hard-to-clean objects with a pressure washer, but they can get messed up if you do not store them properly. Everything requires maintenance and care, and you must store your pressure washer properly to ensure you can use them for a long time.

Leaving the pressure washer without proper care in winter can cause them to freeze, which is the last thing you want with your pump. Nothing can fix the damage to pumps when they are left in winter to freeze. This article will discuss how to prevent the pressure washer from freezing so that you can use it for several years. Let’s get started.

Why Is Freezing Harmful For Pressure Washers?

There is a simple reason behind that. Water expands when it freezes, and the water inside the pipes and the pressure washer pump can significantly damage it internally by freezing. There are a lot of minor moving components in the pressure washer pump, which can bend or twist with freezing water. If you continue using your professional pressure washer for business, you must take good care of it.

Ways Of Keeping Gas Pressure Washer From Freezing

If you have a household gas pressure washer or a professional pressure washer and are planning to store it for winter, these steps must follow.

  • First of all, remove the detergent tank from the pressure washer and empty the detergent from it. Clean the detergent tank with water and wipe it with a fine cloth.
  • Use any authentic and recommended fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank and let it run for two minutes. This process will run the fuel through all the major compartments of the engines and clean them properly.
  • Connect the pressure washer to your water supply, whether the garden hose or the water tank. Fill the detergent tank with freshwater and attach it to the pressure washer. Start the pressure washer and squeeze the trigger to let any detergent in the pipe run out. Make sure to run it until the water is clear.
  • Now turn the pressure off and disconnect all the hoses. Pull the trigger to let any water in the pump come out. Use gravity to let the water come out of the pressure washer pump.
  • Drain out any excess fuel from the fuel tank, so it does not degrade with time.
  • You can add the antifreeze pump saver to your pressure washer if you think the pressure can get too low. This pump-saver fluid will not only protect the pump from freezing but will also prevent mineral deposits.

How To Keep Electric Pressure Washer From Freezing

Electric pressure washers are pretty simple to use and require less effort to maintain. Similarly, you can store the electric pressure washer easily. Since these pressure washers have no engine, you do not require hard cleaning. These are the steps that you need to follow:

  • First, disconnect the soap container from the pressure washer and remove all its fluids. Clean the soap container multiple times with water and fine cloth.
  • Connect the pressure washer to your water source, a garden hose, or a water tank. Connect the soap container to the pressure washer and fill it with fresh water. Start the pressure washer and press the trigger to allow any soap in the tube to exit.
  • Turn off the water and unplug all of the hoses. Pull the button to release any water in the pump. Allow water to flow out of the pressure washer pump using gravity.
  • If you suspect your pressure washer’s temperature is too low, you can install an antifreeze pump saver. This pump-saver liquid will not only keep the pump from freezing but also keep mineral deposits at bay.

How To Store Pressure Washer To Avoid Freezing

After you have drained all the fluid from the pressure and it is empty, it is time to store it. You will need a warm and dry place to store the pressure washer. Make sure to wrap the pressure washer properly with insulating and waterproof sheets to keep the moisture out of them. The best place to store your pressure washer is in your garage or basement, where the temperature is not low. It would help if you made sure that there is no direct sunlight on your pressure washer when it is stored, and also make sure to keep it away from water.

Using The Pressure Washer In Winter

If you plan to continue your pressure washer business for some time in the winter, you must follow extreme caution. First, the business is not high in winter, so make sure you have considerable contracts to take the risk. It is preferred to use warm water, and you can use a heating kit for that purpose. Ensure to drain out any fuel or water from the pressure washer after every use. However, it is better to rest in winter.

Things To Consider When Storing The Pressure Washer

When you are storing the pressure washer, make sure to consider these important things:

  • When you disassemble the pressure washer components, keep all the components with screws, nuts, and bolts in a safe place to avoid their misplacement.
  • Keep the garden hose and high pressure with care. Take a box and keep them in it after rolling them properly. If it is not possible, then secure the ends and keep them in a proper dry place.
  • Please do not leave any fuel in the pressure washer as it can rust the pressure washer.


Water expands as it freezes, and the water inside the pipes and the pressure washer’s pump can be severely damaged by freezing. To keep the pressure washer from freezing, drain all of the fluid and then treat it with pump-saver fluid. After carefully wrapping them, storing them in a warm and dry location is critical. The hoses should also be properly stored, and there should be no twists.

Jose Kelly